10 Bad Habits That Can Cost You Your Job

“We are taxed twice as much by our idleness, three times as much by our pride, and four times as much by our folly.” -Benjamin Franklin
There are some habits that can be fatal for your job. Those habits might not make your boss to fire you in the spot but you will surely lose respect and honor at your work place, if you are aware of those bad habits only than you can cut off them and replace them good habits that will increase your worth at the work place.

Here are the 10 habits that can seriously cost you your job.

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1.    Bad Manners = Bad Employee

Showing ill manners in your conduct and communication with others is extremely annoying and hurt your repute. It also shows you immaturity, unprofessionalism, and that you don’t take your job seriously. Roxanne Peplow says, “Manners are important, so don’t be rude, and above all, if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all.”

2.    Showing up late

“Punctuality is critical,” says Rosalinda Oropeza Randall, showing up late at work can be very costly. It is waste of time and shows your disrespect for the people waiting for you at office. If you are being constantly late at your workplace you will be considered as a employ and might be fired as soon as the notice is taken.


3.    Working inefficiently

Wasting time in activities that reduces you efficiency to work makes you an outcast. You become a burden for the company. And so have more chances to be dismissed.

4.    Making unnecessary calls

Do you make those unnecessary personal calls? Well an urgent call can be taken without any issue but if you make too many calls every day in your work time and your boss here you making useless talk, that can be problematic. “If the topic of conversation is of a delicate nature, be sure to keep it private. One overheard juicy tidbit can spread like wildfire,” Randall says.

5.    Being short tempered

Being short-tempered means you can’t take criticism and pressure. If you have this syndrome practice “anger management techniques” and keep your mind relaxed or else you are not suitable for any Job.

6.    Poor language (Oral, written, body)

Having bad written, oral and body language is not acceptable at any company. If you show poor grammar in reports, show bad language as rolling eyes, not making eye contact, make weird facial expressions, and if your speech isn’t really professional, you speak without thinking you so you better know got to improve and find another job.

7.    Unexcused off

No companies accept employees who don’t appear without making any excuse. If you are doing this too you have solid chances to be fired.

8.    Inattentiveness

You are supposed to work with great attention at office if you are being inattentive and your authorities have to call you more than once, and you make frequent mistakes that show you are not doing your work with attention and interest.

9.    Over socializing

Being too social at work is not so good and most of the companies doesn’t even allow it. It is distractive and diverts attention from work, you also sometimes happen to share your personal matters which are not allowed at work.

10.    Your negativity

The employees who spreads gossips, make negative impression of other co-workers are often referred to as Cancer for the company by the authorities and they will consequently be cut out. “Your boss is likely responsible for ensuring her teams are contributing to positive morale and anyone on the team who is counterproductive to that reflects poorly on her,” says Hoover.

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