3. Tips and ideas what should you do when you are bored

There are hundreds of things that can be done to get rid of boredom very easily whether you’re sitting in home or you’re out with friends. It’s all up to you, how you want to be, it’s never like you have no choice other than being idol and bored. Let me share a few things with you all.

Draw or paint

It may be not your major or your skill but It’s something that anyone can do, who knows you discover yourself out. It really work to make your mood better, painting decreases stress and depression and it’s really a great time killing work. Your boredom will get out of window when you are painting or drawing. Use some vibrant and bright colors.

Listen to Music

Listening to good music cheer you up. When bored listen to good music preferably some fast tracks to boost up your mood dull music might make you dull by getting on your nerves.


Play mind games

Playing games is another way of getting rid of boredom. You can play any kind of game on internet but playing mind Games will be better because that will make your mind work and It will be help full for you to come out of your boredom syndrome.


Start cleaning

If there is nothing you can do.. well there is something you can always do. Start cleaning places you never do normally. Find a place and clean it while listening or singing your favorite song


Watch T.V

you can watch TV when you’re bored and because there are 100’s of TV channels, find one of your interest.


Beautify yourself

This is one of the best things you can do when bored. Use your time for self grooming. Try different kind of make ups and dress ups. Watch internet tutorials and pick some tricks and learn new ways of makeup.


Nail art

Nail art is really interesting you can try out different nail colors and nail stickers to make different patterns and designs on your nails.


Make a puzzle

try completing a puzzle on your own. Select a big one with small pieces.



Do some easy light exercise to warm up yourself. It will increase the blood circulation in your body and you will get ready to do any kind of activity.


Have a Conversation

talking to someone about random things can work to change your mood. Talk to friend or a close one. It’s always good to communicate with people than just sitting in your room alone.


Make a list

you can make a list of things you want or things you have to do in near future. It will make your mind busy and you won’t be bored anymore.


Organize your wardrobe or book shelves

when you’re doing nothing and are getting bored get up and rearrange your books or organize your wardrobe.


Make a craft

Gather up few things like chart paper, glue stick, seizers some beads or decorative stuff and make a pretty craft.



Gardening is something ready great to use your spare time and it gives you happiness. Make it your hobby and you can never get bored. Paint the Plant pots, trim the leaves, remove dry leaves and water plants when you’re bored



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