How should we Behave When People Annoying Us

Not all the people we meet every day are good enough to get along easily. There are people who are difficult to deal with, they people who annoy us. We have to face such people at school, at work as a colleague or boss (God be kind to you), on road while they over take you ruthlessly, at restaurants, in the street or as In-laws (May God help you). Since we can’t just simply avoid such people so it is important to know how should we keep calm and get along with all the annoying fellows.


Here are some helpful behavior and disciplinary tips to deal with such people.

Know if they do it on PURPOSE or they were born that way

Some people annoy you, because you are easy to get annoyed and they know it and enjoy it. That’s the worst thing though, but shouldn’t be too easy. So stop getting annoyed. The other kind of people are naturally annoying, they just don’t realize it when they are being irritating, rude or annoying, for such people you should get let them be or make them realize with kind behavior that they are being annoying. Admit it sometime you are the “annoying person” so think of it as a normal behavior anyone can act as.

Watch yourself

Have you never been a disturbance for someone in your life? You can’t say NO. Because we all sometimes get annoyed and that times are when people doesn’t act according to our wills and doesn’t fulfill our expectations. So be considerate enough to understand their position and endure a little and REFLECT on your own actions.

Make sure there is no MISUNDERSTANDING

Most of the times the situations pop up, because of misunderstanding, that’s because we listen less and assume more. We make a general perception about someone that they are “Annoying” and whatever they do it just keep on making us annoyed and irritated. We even fail to see their good moves for us, that is when we create misunderstandings.

Tell them without YELLING

Sometimes it get too frustrating to deal with such people but are you allowed to yell at them, or express your anger by any mean, you probably are not. So it is best to let them know that their behavior sometimes annoy you, tell them politely and don’t be too harsh.

Set clear boundaries

It is possible that you have to see those annoying fellow every day, so how should you avoid them often to not be annoyed. Well you obviously can’t avoid them, just make clear boundaries for them. You don’t have to be friendly with them, limit the favors you do them and minimize the time duration you spend with them.

Avoid them as much as POSSIBLE

There should be a limit to which you take their annoyance, rather than getting warmed up simple avoid them.


To deal with such people you will need a lot of patience and calmness. Whenever they push you, just keep calm, don’t take them too seriously and visualize a calming situation you want to be in or you have been into.

Rescue yourself first

Your peace of mind is more important than an argument with someone who won’t even understand your point of view. You shouldn’t tangle yourself in any situation where you are being targeted simple leave the place.


Expect less! We usually get annoyed and disturb when others are not following our expected code of conduct or discipline, so expect every kind of behaviors when you are dealing with the people.




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