The Best Qualities in a Person


Man is the compilation of diversified characteristics. One with the amicable nature is loved by all. Beyond shadow of a doubt, nature of every person varies, but it is under the subjection of the man to manage his habits. This is something which cannot be taught but yea of course you may get the guidance in this regard. Here are a few things which you may add into your personality to become a finest person.


“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”


Honesty is one of the most essential and influential specialty one may possess. Your honesty defines your personality. This is the way of life; one must follow in order to get succeed in all walks of life.


“Respectfulness is important to be respectful.”



Being respectful towards other irrespectively makes your personality delightful. How would you feel if you are treated disrespectfully? It is obvious it would bring stingy feelings to you about the person who behaves in this manner with you. Therefore, you must show respect and kindness towards others as you would be treated the way you would treat them.


“Discipline is the bridge between goal and accomplishment.”


Educated people are always self-disciplined. It shows your mannerism and ethics. Your disciplined ways also show your sense of right and wrong. You should keep yourself away from temptations of life in any part of it.

Theodore Roosevelt says: With self-discipline, all things are possible. Without it, even the simplest goals can seem like the impossible dreams.”


“You cannot have compassion for others unless you have it for yourself.”



One of the best attributes of being an ideal human being is being compassionate. Do good deeds of kindness to everyone especially to those who are suffering. Being charitable and humane towards humanity is the act of virtue. If you are compassionate, you are able to be called ad a good human being.


Supportiveness makes you a good friend. If you are not a good supporter, you are not a good friend.

Positive attitude and perseverance:

“Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.”


Believing that your success is inevitable often lead you the success eventually, no matter what hardships you go through. Those who possess positive attitudes towards oppression, never stop struggling, no matter what the consequences may be. Such people are winner indeed, even if they lose apparently.

Flexible in behavior:

“If you can’t be flexible in life, you become irritable with life.”


World is always in transitions. Things keep on being changed and so the human beings. Transition is necessary for living in this world. Sometimes we stick to the things and don’t want to bring change which leads us to become outdated. A person should be flexible in his thoughts and acts else he won’t be able to walk through the life.

Self Reliant:

“Self-reliance conquers any difficulty.”


People who rely on themselves always succeed. They don’t allow others to make them slow by relying on the, and such people don’t need permission of others for acting according to their own consent. So you must believe in your abilities and use them to make your dreams come true. It is such kind of attitude which draws others to want to help you.


“The greatest ability is dependability.”


Responsible people are always dependable. Being dependable brings a sense of power in you and you inclined more towards being dependable.


“A man who masters patience, masters everything else.”

Patience is another trait which makes you among the best people. It is not only a trait but also a virtue. Understanding that there are failures in everything makes you become patient and you become able you tolerate things.


“One’s greatest challenge is to control oneself.”


People who rarely lose control and manage themselves are usually successful. They make themselves allocated by putting themselves in a state where they are resourceful. They make their reactions change rather than wanting others to change their actions.

Well rounded and balanced:


For becoming the best, you need to bring best in you. If you want to become successful in all aspects of life then you are truly successful. A well-rounded and balanced personality possesses all the traits which make them among best ones.

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