Consequences of Fight Between Husband and Wife and Effect on Their Children:

About 60-70% does have such kind of the problems of fights in their homes. No one is going to be effected by this foolish activity, but your own child is going to be having a negative impact on him/her. Many of the homes do have such problems. Yes I am inn too. And I know how it hurts, when you are not able to stop your parent fighting in front of you. Specially many of the other people should be the reason of your fight, which makes you hate those people including your parents. There are some negative impacts which may be spoiling the lives of your child.



Start hating their parents:

The main and the most horrible and frustrated impact of fighting in front of your child is, they start hating their parents. They don’t even want to see them. They don’t love their parents any more. Their love ends for their parents where they feel that their parents nothing has to do instead of fighting.

A huge effect on studies:

A hug effect on study takes place. Even when you are preparing for your papers and suddenly the nagging starts in between your parents, then you can’t do anything instead of crying. You are no further able to take a start again after that fight. This will make your child fail. But parents did not ever get that why their child got fail with no reasons. And the reason of failure is always parents fight.


Depression patient:

Many mental thoughts start disturbing your child. He/she always thoughts of the fight every time clasps by your parents. He/she start having depression attack as well as panic attacks. Actually panic attacks do held every time in your child’s mind but he’s not able to make it out of his/her mind, which makes children mentally weak and disturbed. It is called as depression, that your child starts bearing just because of your fight.



Wrong way:

Especially boys start suffering with wrong activities as like indulged in the activity of smoking, starts watching wrong things, start making affairs, start drinking. This will affect his personal life, or may be spoiled his life by his/her own hands.




It is a feeling that what will be happen next? What I can do to stop them? How I can stop this rubbish? What happen if my parents going to have divorce? The word in his/her mind will be “What If”. Sleeping disorders may take place. Some of the times it causes physical and emotional discomfort.

Behavior problem:

He/she starts misbehaving with their parents. Your child is not going to listen you if he/she is suffering with your daily routine of disputes. Not just with you, but with others too.


If you didn’t stop fighting in front of your child, then your child wants to stay alone. He starts sitting alone at some corner of your house, or he/she starts hiding from you and also from your fights.



Starts interest in outdoor activities:

He will start searching for the outdoor activities. He will not love to stay at home. He will love to find something interesting in outer side of your home.

Start making wrong friends:

May be he starts sitting with wrong company. This is the worst impact on the boy whose parents love to fight day to night. But now a day bad companies may spoil the whole personality of your child. It spoils the future venture too.

Starts blaming themselves:

Many of the children start blaming themselves, that the fight is being held due to him/her. It devastative affect on his personality. He/she always do under estimate themselves. Low level of confidence takes place. This may blemish the life of your love once.




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