How to Deal with Passive Aggressive Relatives


We all deal with passive aggressive behavior of people; it is not a very rare behavior, you yourself practicing it other time. It usually happens when someone develop negative feeling and hold those feelings and emotions to himself. Passive aggressive behavior has many types but generally described as non-verbal aggregation that reveal itself from very weird and negative behavior, the following are some of the examples of Passive aggressive behaviors:

  • No communication when there is a prominent problem to be talked about.
  • When someone is angry enough to ignore and do not talk peacefully
  • Evading problems
  • When someone is avoiding competition or situation where they can be proved wrong.
  • Being unclear, cryptic and careless during an important conversation
  • Acting resentful, silent and upset in order to get
  • When someone shows disrespect only to hurt your emotions
  • Not trusting in regard to be in an intimate relationship or being attached emotionally
  • Always making lame excuses for not completing an assigned task
  • They act pitiable or “the poor me” scenario
  • They play blame game and never taking the responsibility for their own actions.
  • They convey only The Unclear messages by acting totally strange
  • Act helpless
  • Use sarcastic tone


Read the following to know how you can deal effectively with passive aggressive relatives.

Don’t ask for favors

They first offer favors, and then they fail to make it, and then they start resenting themselves and act as that they are very upset for not fulfilling what they did. The situation can be extremely annoying and disturbing. You can simply refuse to take any kind of favor from them.

Don’t get trapped

One of the most disgusting weapons of passive aggressive people is ‘guilt’, they have distinction in making you feel guilty for a crime you never did. Don’t get that feeling when they start portraying themselves so pitiable that you find yourself a monster.

Get them to face you

This is the biggest nightmare of a passive aggressive, they fear to confront anyone they are having negative emotions for. They fear to be proven wrong and therefore they will avoid getting into a face off at any cost. So once they are confronted and you make them realize how strange they act or how they are being a headache for you they will certainly stop their behavior.

Set limits

The passive aggressive people usually mistreat others, and you shouldn’t be mistreated. In order to not get hurt and become emotionally hurt, keep distance from such people until the time they realize they are wrong.

Show them

Behave as you want them to behave with you, when it comes to family you cannot really avoid them, you have to get along so make them learn, be careful about your own behavior.

Keep calm

In the light of the fact that an passive aggressive person loves to act as a VICTIM, and in case you become angry that person will become a victim automatically and the situation then worse. So deal with them mindfully.

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