Debate on Selfie Positive and Negative Effects

what is selfie?

It’s a photo of oneself captured by him/her with a Phone camera or a simple camera from the arm length or from a selfie stick.

There has been debate on whether taking a selfie is good or bad thing, people are of different point of view, some thinks it’s great while there are people who consider it as a psychological disorder or self-obsession. However popularity of selfie cannot be denied it even has enthroned as “Word of the year” by Oxford dictionary. This photo capturing technique have become so common that from the Prime Ministers, athletes, Movie stars, well how to mention! Everyone is taking pictures of them and posting to their social media profiles.
No word is the final word when it comes to debate on if it is leaving good or bad effects on the people lives, but there are certainly both positive and negative effects of selfie, have a look.

It is believed that Selfie Boosts Self-confidence and Self- esteem

According to time Magazine’s Article on “selfie”, researchers believe that it allow people to express their selves in a way that was never seen before, people take selfies in different outfit, hair styles and make unique poses, this helps them knowing how they look more good and boosts their confidence, this is not all the best selfies they prefer, post those on Social Medias, i.e., Facebook, Instgram, Twitter etc where they gets likes, hearts and retweets that give wings to people when they receive acknowledge for their beautiful selfies. The comments on social Medias are warmer then they are in real in person encounter and it does leave good effects on people.

More sociability

This is also a benefit of “Selfie” that it has make people more sociable than ever before. They capture their pictures and post them to show their activities more often.
There have been about 90 million photos posted to Instagram with #selfie. It is absolutely a benefit to society that people are coming close and the bond has become stronger.

Helps to express emotions

Selfies actually meant to express one’s emotions and self to other people of the social circle. People express themselves through pictures they take on social media. A lot of Selfies are being posted that expresses emotions and moods, they post Selfies of whatever they are doing either its eating, studying, day outs or sleeping. Well this has being ridiculed a lot on internet, people who posts such picture are think of as if they have nothing better to do, but if we give it a thought… the pictures they capture indeed speak one’s mind, it could either merely be express out their joy or pleasure about the thing they are doing, or the company they are enjoying, and shared because they value it.

It put emphasize on physical appearance only

No wonder it’s good to be admired for your looks, it boost your confidence but Selfies put too much emphasize on physical appearance that it make your inner beauty a less important thing, Selfies are all about you physical existence, it have nothing to do with what your inner self is which is more important to express and to be acknowledged by others than merely your appearance.

People become target on social media

This is a big drawback of selfie that it can make you a target on social Media. It’s not always save to share photos, since smart phones allow us to take photos in what way we want to, posting too many photos specially revealing ones can be used in wrong ways. People use them for bullying or trolling you or even for more malicious acts. Take this as advice, avoid posting photos that reveals your body because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Narcissistic tendencies

This Selfie-syndrome, if truth to be told is getting worst day by day, people are getting more in love with themselves than others, it’s a kind of self obsession and self love, always taking Selfies of themselves and expecting admiration from social circle, it really is leading to narcissistic tendencies. Narcissism is when people exceptionally admire their physical appearance and expects the same from others.

Life danger

A lot of serious cases emerged in past few months where selfie doers got in real life danger situations, some even died taking selfie, but it had no effect on the selfie lovers. To be short and simple Lets Excess of everything is bad, its same in this case, so selfie lovers must not go overboard.

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