How Could Divorce Affect My Kids

Divorce upsets family life. Children get negative effects from parental divorce and suffer the most. They have lower academic achievements and are more likely to have academic, behavioral and psychological problems. Around 25% of the adolescents, who have experienced parental divorce, become disengaged from their families. Children raised in divorced families tend to have less positive attitude towards marriage.


Children’s psychological reactions to parental divorce can vary depending on following three factors:

  1. Quality of their relationship with each of their parents, before divorce
  2. Parent’s ability to focus in the needs of children in their divorce
  3. Duration and intensity of conflicts and quarrels between parents before divorce.

How parental divorce would affect your kid?

Such children whose parents are going through the phase of a rough divorce, get themselves engaged in such behaviors which make the feel secure. Here are a few affects children would get from their parental divorce:

Act Out:

Children would take the side of the parent they are living with, despite the fact is totally contrary. They do so in attempt to survive in a hostile environment. They would act out their parents’ anger. They would refuse to talk to the other parent; they are not living with. In their adolescent they would act out the same way as they had seen their parents acting out.


This is something very obvious which would make its way towards the children from broken families. They would become lethargic and highly disturbed. They are caught by eating and sleeping disorder. Social withdrawal is also common among such individuals.


Children would definitely get worried over the thought that who would take care of them after their parents would get separated. They are afraid of being ignored by either or both parents. They consider themselves abandoned. The whole situation becomes more critical when each of the parents try to take the children in confident and talk about the other parent in front of them, negatively.

Such children start feeling insecure about being taken care of. They feel like their loyalties are being divided between their parents.

Blame and Guilt:

In some cases, children start feeling that they are responsible for the separation of their parents. This is because there are so much marital conflicts which may be related to the stress of parenting. It leaves serious psychological impact on the mind of the children.


Denial is another thing which becomes the part of the personality of the children from broken families.


The child depicts immature behavior as he is no more secured and confident. Children who are felt assured of the love by both parents are well groomed and become mature with the passage of time but separation between parents leave dramatically negative impacts on the mind of the children. They become so alone at the time they physically or emotionally need their parents. So, the feelings of being insecure make them stubborn and tend to make immature acts.


Children perceive their children at fault for their divorce and express anger and hostility with everyone. Their academic performance becomes poor. Children with separated parents tend to drop out of their high school. Hostility turned inward looks like depression in children.

There are countless psychological effects, other than those which have been mentioned above, which may destruct the life of such children and they may not proceed in their lives as the other children do.

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