Don’t let Anyone Ruin your Happiness

People who seek happiness coming from outer world are the foulest; the real happiness always comes from your inside. So today, right now! Get to know that you deserve to be happy and get in control of how you want to feel; never let others ruin your happiness.


Take control of your life
Everything changes in your life in a positive way when you take the control. You are the one who should be taking decisions about your life about what you want to do and where you want to be, following others blindly will lead you to dark not to your destination. Find what gives you happiness and do that.

Don’t expect happiness from others!

it is said that “Expectations leads to disappointments.” And it is often witnessed that this is true. Expecting happiness coming from others is not wise, it might leave you despair. You are the only person who is responsible of your happiness.
“A great obstacle to happiness is expecting too much.” Says Bernard de Fontanelle.

Stay positive!
Staying positive means a lot, when we stay positive only good things happens to you and all the negativity go to gutter. Having negative approach makes us anxious and worried for no reason that is common cause of being discontented. Stay away from people who give you negative vibes and be happy.

It’s not important what others think about you

Thinking about what others think of you is total waste of time and will not help in feeling good, people have always been judging other for their skin color, the way others live and everything, so it’s not important what they think, but the important thing is how you actually are. If you think you lack something, work on it but again NEVER EVER THINK OF BEING PERFECT. This world has no one who is perfect.

Be yourself!


Don’t exhaust yourself to be someone who you’re not. You may get new friends by hiding REAL YOU but you will definitely lose yourself in the process, consider yourself precious, because no one else is what you are.
Be confident in what you do!
People will try to break your confidence; there are always hard times when you see none at your side to say encouraging words, but stay confident in whatever you do. Believe in yourself then expecting others to believe your strengths. Being confident is attractive and gives happiness.
Trust yourself


Learn to trust yourself you don’t need others to trust you to be happy. You won’t get anywhere until you learn to trust yourself, just believe in yourself and the rest will follow. People who don’t trust you are not important enough to make you unhappy.

Let go of bad company

“Your company defines you.” People surrounding you affect you that’s obvious so why to stay in surrounded by people who are making your smile disappear? Change your company if people are mean to you, are toxin, are ignoring you or make you feel sad and hopeless.

Let go of any grudges you have

Today do this favor to yourself, let go of any grudges and bad feelings you have for someone who did wrong to you. It has no affect on others and no use but it seriously consumes your soul and happiness.


Don’t trust everyone!

People feel no burden in deceiving others for their needs, don’t trust everyone, people might seem nice and sweet but you never know how they actually are until you spend some time together.

Let go of fears


Let go of fears you are having, fear of failure, fear of losing people, fear of being sad.

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