Effective Ways Clever People Handle Toxic People

Don’t let toxic people rent space in your head.
Raise the rent and get them out of there.”

Toxic people are everywhere around you and just waiting when to bring havoc in your life. They may be among your colleagues, friends, neighbors or even family members. They are hard to deal and very unpleasant. They defy logics and put very negative effects on those who surround them.

It is important to keep in mind that such people may be sick or chronically worried or maybe they are what they need in terms of love and care. Such people may need to be listened and have emotional support. But there is another type of toxic people who are moody and have loads of negativity in their minds and behaviors. They are overly self-referential.

Whatever is the cause behind their negativity, all you need is to protect you from their behavior at times.

Ways to handle Toxic People:

How can you minimize their damage? Here are a few tactics to handle toxic people around you:

Keep yourself at a distance

It may not always be possible to keep a distance from toxic people, but at least you should try. Find a reason to stay away from them. If you can’t keep them at a distance physically, at last make the emotional distance by ignoring them and keeping yourself busy in some activities whenever they are around. For instance, you may wear the headphones and listen the music. Cut off their access to you.

Forgive them but don’t forget

Forgiving and forgetting someone’s mistake is a good practice but in case of toxic people, you must not forget the things despite of forgiving. If you will forget the previous situation, you will come across it again as such negative people can’t change their instinct regardless of the fact that you are quite good towards them rather they might take advantage of your goodness. Never allow such people to intoxi0ccate your life.

Avoid being thin-skinned:

Being thin skinned means being more aware of the feelings of other. This means you are sensitive towards everything including human beings.

It’s good to be sensitive but when it comes to the people with toxic behavior, you need to change yourself a little. Otherwise they may target you to play with. Therefore, it is better to be thick-skinned rather than being thin-skinned. It would help you a lot in avoiding from the negativity of toxic people and keeping life from being stressful.

Self awareness is essential

This who make right choices while treating toxic people, know their limits. They know very well when it is the time to take a time out. Such people understand their emotions and feel they need to be relaxed before making any kind of response. Even those who deal with toxic people more often are unaware now and then.

Don’t ignore bad behaviors

Ignoring people with toxic behaviors is very common. Being rational in order to understand such people is hard at times because they are unaware of their impact. It is important to speak up for yourself and others who also choose to avoid this person, but also for the person who is unaware and needs a good shake.

You should give them a chance by proposing an opportunity to grow and improve their nature. Be affectionate with your words unless it doesn’t put any negative impact on your life.

Don’t make them feel that their behavior is OK

Making them feel that you are OK with their behavior makes them more inclined towards their intoxication. They make their negative behavior the preferential treatment.

Remember! Short term ease leads to the long term trouble. They don’t change if you don’t make them feel that their behavior is not good. Don’t ever make pardons for their continued belligerence.

Stand up for yourself.

It is vital for you to stand up for you otherwise toxic people will do anything for their personal benefit at your expense. So speak them and make them realize that you won’t accept their negative behavior.

Move on without them.

If you are suffering because of the prevailing negativity of a toxic person despite of your patience, compassion and affection then you must leave them. Deleting such person from your life makes it quite easy for you to breath. It does not means that you hate them but it simply means that you care about your own self.




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