Fascinating and Crazy Facts About Girls that Guys don’t know



Girls are unsolved riddles, no one would actually know a girl unless he/she is very close to her, they often say what they actually doesn’t mean but want you to understand them, their longing for care and love is boundless, not only this the best companions and the people you can lean on are girls.

Here are some crazy facts about girls, you never knew.

Girls talk double than boys! Even baby girls learn to talk earlier than baby boys. The figures are Women 20000 words per day and 7000 words per day.

Average number of shoes women have is 19 out of which she only wears 7 shoes.

The sun exposure cause wrinkles to 80% of women.

In Russia there are 9million more women than man.

– 70% of girls use silence as a tool to express their grief and anger.

20% of women in United States earn at least $5000 more than their husbands

A women spend 1year of her life merely deciding what to wear.

An average woman eats 2-3 kg of lipstick in her life.

Girls are far better at remembering things.

Women blinks her eyes more than men its double than the time men blinks.

Girl’s breathing rate is slower than a men’s.

A person has more chances to be trusted by a female if he/she hugs her for more than 15 seconds.

Female are more likely to multitasking than male.

­- Women cry 64 times a year where men cry 6 times on average.

­Men lies double than women.

Girls repent more often and more easily admit their faults and they are not reluctant to say “I  am sorry.”

­­Girls doesn’t like to go empty handed, that’s the reason they always carry a hand bag, file,    book or a shoulder bag, even if they doesn’t need it.

­­­- A girl will carry a big bag with a lot of stuff that she never uses but still carry it thinking someday she might need anything.

A Female has more pain-receptors on her body than male that’s why they can bear more pain. A big example is giving birth bearing pain equal to 20 bones fracture at a time.

The first computer programmer was Ada Lovelace a women.

Don’t think that she wants an honest answer from you when she asks, “How am I looking?”, “Am I fat?” or “Am I not beautiful?”

According to a research women spend 120hours per year looking at her selves in the mirror, which means 5 days per year.

Women are more like to start a conversation with stranger than men.

When someone calls a women she will turn only her neck, whereas men mostly turn themselves to answer, it shows women’s necks are more flexible.

The number of female patients of stress, anxiety and animal phobia is more than male patients.

Girls close their ears with fingers and men with their hands.

When it comes to problem solving, women use both sides of her brain, whereas men use only one side of their brain. That’s way they are more capable of solving problems.

A girl’s best friends know better than herself how she is feeling, and she knows every bit of her life.


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