Going for Outing is the Best way to Change your Mood

According to the researchers It is found that people who plan holidays outside lives more happily and healthy than who stays at home. It is been shown by several surveys that “the outdoor activities leave a great impact on mind and body.”


In the present day it is common that people have less time for themselves, most of the time is spent on WORK and in some cases idly, It leaves them with a dull and boring life with no excitement and sometimes bad health. It is important that they take some time for them for to see the outer world when all their lives have become zeal-less. As Outing is one of the best ways to make mood lighter and to lighten the souls.

Positive effects of Nature

Going for outing at someplace with Natural environment can lift your mood and calm your nervous system. A Study made in 2010 depicts that “forest environments promote lower concentrations of Cortisol, lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, greater parasympathetic nerve activity, and lower sympathetic nerve activity than do city environments.”

It is suggested by Darlene Mininni, PhD, MPH, author of The Emotional Toolkit, when you feel you wake up with a bad mood for no reason, this is the time to visit a nearby park or more preferably a “landscape”. You can also bring nature next to you by surrounding yourself with fresh plants and flowers or small fish aquarium.



Converts the Attention

Staying at similar places i.e., your house, office building makes your thinking stationary and constant. If you stay in the bad-mood constantly, going for an outing can be of immense aid to enhance your mood and to change the focus point of your thinking that makes you less worried and anxious. When you go outside you see the WORLD, the good side and the less-advantaged people, it diverts your attention from yourself to the others that is good in so many ways.


Makes you less miserable

You have to realize that you are miserable when you have no time to sit and stare at the beauty of nature or in other words when you have no time for YOURSELF. Taking time out for some adventuress outdoor recreations can make you a less-miserable person by taking your worries far from you, as when you do such activities it ease your mind and body and releases depression, you find happiness and zeal as soon as you change the scenery in front of your eyes and breath in fresh air.

Enlighten heart & head

There comes the time when you realize that you had enough of heart-ache and your mind is all stuffed with thoughts that are ruining your mental abilities and physical health, you constantly stay in a bad mood and easily lose your temper over small things. That is the time when you need to seek refuge by finding your happiness. Take some time for your unhappy soul to enlighten your heart and mind one more time. Going out for spending quality time can take the burden from your heart and mind.



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