How To Handle Someone Insulting You


Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to put up with other’s words that hurt us. Some people are used to make others downcast by making negative or blemishing remarks about them. It sometimes leave you with no words to say back to them or maybe you say something right away which makes you feel like you have not said those words.

Almost everyone face such kind of situations pin their life. Negativity and negative people are part of live but it is not always because the person holds negativity, there may be some other cause too of their insulting behavior. One should stay prepares for coping such kinda situation as being prepared makes it quite easy to cope with it any difficulty.

Tips to handle someone insulting you

You should know some great tips on how to handle people who are insulting towards you. Here they are:
Take a pause
The very first thing you need to do is to take a short pause when someone behaves in an insulting manner. Don’t respond at the same time as it may make you feel guilty of your words or reaction later. Most of the time we respond at once very harshly or even in worse way which later on makes us feel regretful. So you just need to take a minute and to prepare yourself for a better response which may make the other person feel about their fault.

Think over the intention

Don’t get worried over the insulting behavior of the other person; you should rather consider the intent. You can come up with suitable response if you find out the intent of that person.

Avoid fighting back

Don’t respond the person with having a quarrel with them. Resist your urge of fighting back and avoid the situation from being grown up. Fighting back with the person may distract from the rudeness of what they have said as well as you will be dropped down to their level.

Take a deep breath

Make yourself relaxed and calm by taking Deep breaths. Don’t be panic and keep your breathing in control otherwise you may get red and agitated. Leave the other person and give them time to think what they have done.

Be humorous

Laughter is sometimes a good remedy. Being humorous helps you in coping with many situations and keeping them from being worse.
If someone becomes insulting towards you just ignore it and cover their action with humor. But if you find them become more rude and disrespectful towards you. You should stop being lenient and easy-going towards them.


While responding such person who is insulting towards you, you should keep yourself dignifies, cool, relax, calm and collected. Force the person into an assessing position where they are compelled to think over their behavior.

Move forward

After making response to the person move on from the place rather than staying stand there for waiting the reply. Go back to your work, talk to someone who gives you a pleasant company or make a mug of coffee for you. Collect yourself and try to make yourself calm by doing any of your favorite activity such as listening music.

Complain of you are in close relationship

Making complain and having discussion over the behavior of other person may lead to some solution. If the person is not stranger and you have a close contact with them in your daily life then sort out the situation by making complaints to them so that they may listen and understand you and eventually be careful for the next time.

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