How to Create First Impression Tips Ideas and Technique

Making a good impression is very important as it make an image of you in the eye of other people, you will think of as your first impression and any special event of first meeting can be memorable forever, so be prepared for the first impression as “First impression is the last.”


Prepare well

When you are about give your first impression, you must do some preparations, i.e., knowing basic information about the person or people you’re going to see. If it is an interview meeting, do your homework. It helps in being confident and show respect for people you are meeting.

Appearance matters a lot

although appearance is matter of time but it matters a lot when it’s your first impression for someone. So be considerate about your appearance, dress up according to the event with your best color, your best shoes and don’t overdo, clean teeth, wear a nice fragrance.

Watch your body language

Always look kind and don’t be too stiff or too gentle. Throw smiles to people. Don’t give wrong ideas to people from your postures and gestures.


Smile when first time sees the person. According to a survey people are more attractive and appealing when they smile. It gives an impression that you’re kind and appreciate the meeting.

Hand shake speaks

It is not appreciated by anyone when someone shake hands like they didn’t wanted to, always shake hands warmly firmed regardless of the gender of next person.


Approach to greet first and greet the other person warmly use kind words and give compliment about how they look or how their work has been.

Keep a nice tone

how you speak can make or break. Speak gently but be audible, you should be clearly heard. Being too soft or hard can create a bad impression. If you’re too loud it can make a wrong impression as if you’re aggressive, and if you’re too soft it will make you look like a nervous person.

Listen affectively

when you listen with attention it make you look respectful and builds trust. While listening make eye contact with the person speaking and let them take their time, never ever cut someone’s words and start speaking, this is the worst thing a listener can do.

Control your humor

Although being humorous can be a nice skill to make people laugh. It might not be the case when you’re seeing someone for the first time, making a sarcastic comment or joking about them can be costly.

Show your positive side

seeing someone for the first time and revealing your negative points? Bad idea! Never show what bad habits you have or what evil you have done, it will ruin your first impression and their might not be the second meeting. Therefore always show your positive side when seeing someone for the first time but never brag about you it also give bad impression.

Offer your services

offering your services for anything supposed to be done by the next person gives a great impression of you it shows that you like giving helping hand to others. It will draw people toward you.

Be interesting and interested

Ask questions and listen to the answer with immense interest, show your interest in people you meet as much as you want them to be interested in you. Praise them, tell them that they are interesting but don’t give false praises. Be true.
Be interesting; share some interesting knowledge about some topic of mutual interest.

Be Confident about things you know and things you don’t know

be confident while speaking about things you know and even more confident about things you opt to know, in this way you can make in impressive impression.

Follow up meeting

Making good impression go beyond the first sitting so look forward to a follow up meeting, always look for new friends. Share contact information and promise next meeting.
Don’t look like you’re in hurry to leave and don’t forget the Good bye greetings.

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