How to Overcome the Fear of Driving After a Car Accident

Getting anxious after a car accident is something very usual and normal. Some people cannot overcome this fear even after long period they experience some accident. They recover their physical injuries but their mind remains stuck on that even. They keep on reminding those scene and flashbacks are there, always in there mind. This situation doesn’t allow them to proceed in their normal life, especially when the matter comes to driving.


There are some simple ways for you to conquer your fear and decrease your uneasiness while driving.

Struggle mentally:

Some people recover very soon after they experience any such incident and they don’t feeling anxiety after getting out of it. But some people feel trouble coming out of it. They find it highly difficult to forget about the accident.
Such people are suggested to give themselves psychotherapy by consistently reminding themselves that it was something which is over now. Accidents are rare and it is not going to take place again.

Self psychotherapy may help a lot in winning this battle with your own self. Help yourself and Bring yourself out of this trauma.

Realize it is not what you feel, it is what you do:

Make yourself realize that your feeling, about a past even that has taken place, that it will happen again with you, are totally wrong and don’t make any sense. Remind yourself that it is not about what you feel, it is all about what you do. If you go for driving once again, it won’t bring any accident to you.

Seek help:

If you are consistently feeling insecure and afraid of driving, seek help from your family, friends and some good physician. They will help you a lot in understanding the whole scenario. Try to go out in your car with someone whom you trust the most.

Take care of yourself:

Don’t neglect your physical health while passing through such mental sickness. Frightening to much and remaining stressed will lead you to other physical disorders such as high blood pressure. Take good care of yourself. Add nutrients in your diet so may this condition may not lead you to weakness or illness.

Get back in the car:

Getting back into the car and trying to drive to a small distance may help you. It may make you realize that reality is something else besides what you do feel. Go out with someone who is in a close relationship with you and will offer you support and courage.


Medication is also a way which may help you in overcoming the fear of driving. Consult some good physician and get proper treatment.


There are a few kinds of therapies which also may prove helpful in eliminating the fear of accident. It is often the best way to get over different types of traumas. CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) is considered as one of the most effective therapies.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is another type of therapy which incorporates the stimulation of brain via eye movement. It is also amazingly effective.

Emotional Freedom Technique is also a psychotherapy which helps in quickly eliminating the fear and painful emotions.

Defensive driving course:

Defensive driving courses help people a lot by giving them stronger sense of control. Under such circumstances, learning better driving skills is great choice.

There are billions of people around the globe which suffer from this fear and it is absolutely normal. But you should not remain stuck in this situation. I hope these suggestions will help you much in getting over the fear.

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