How to Fix Short Temper in Young Generation

Feelings and expressions might be the same but the stimulus and reasons behind those feelings have changed as the time changed. The previous generation people must also have the feelings of anger but their reasons to be angry were different then the reason’s today’s generation has. They are more social; more advanced with technology and have more things on their minds that the elders didn’t. This is a reason why it becomes hard to deal with the “Short-temper” of young generation. You haven’t done with advice and here he/she got angry and out of rage left the room and you are wondering what wrong you have said. Well is a common problem of almost all the parents who have Young child.


Lets sum up some thoughts and ideas to deal with such situations that your young child cause more often.

Unravel the anger

This is significantly necessary to understand what actually the anger is and why you child is angry. The feeling of anger is actually made of two parts

There is something wrong that is felt

And someone else is to be blamed for it.

The question not frequently asked before is “Is anger necessarily a bad thing?” well it normally the reason behind someone’s anger is something Evil or Wrong. In this scenario anger is actually obvious and if that evil is ignored the result will be “sadness and sense of losing inner satisfaction.”
But it is also important to understand that anger might be natural but is a solution to any problem? No it isn’t. Honestly.

As an adult (parent, teacher, elder) you must understand the feelings of young pals to build the bridge to help them be a little reasonable at times of ill temper.

Control your own emotions

It can be quite difficult to deal with an “Angry young man” but you have to be in control of your own emotions so you can see clearly what your young child is angry about and kind of situations he is facing. It you answer his anger with “your anger, or nagging” nothing is going to work out.


The key to solve any problem is “communication” especially when it’s about your children. The more you talk about the problem the problem become less worrisome.

“A problem talked about is a problem half solved.”

Therefore, to understand your child’s feelings in order to solve them you must be more like a friend to them, some believe parents should only act like parents I strongly believe that parents can be matchless friend. The friendly enjoinment in home can make a lot of problems solved.

Control the “nagging”

Your child is growing old and he at this stage of life where he is exploring new dimensions of life, setting goals and new emotions are making him/her different then he/she was when your lap. Your nagging is your love and concern for your children, but for them it can be annoyance and distortion in what they are going to that cause them to get mad and they sometimes talk back, or use their energies in shutting doors, punching walls, crying loudly and screaming etc. Let your children spread their wings and discover the world. And never let your children think of you as a stone in their way of achieving their small and big goals at the same time keep an eye on them.

Let them calm down

Your child came home in a messed up mood, other than anything else he need peace of mind. Before you start asking questions “what, how and why” let him/her calm down otherwise there are chances that he lashes out on you.

Show your Love

As a parent, you must show your love for your children besides doing their chores and making food for them, it is important to make them calm minded and compassionate.


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