How to Overcome Fear of Rejection

We all face rejection at some point of life. Whether you have applied for admission to your dream college, or you want to ask someone out, or you are waiting for a call to join for a job, the fear to get rejected always exists, some people take it light while others take the fear on their nerves.

“The fear of rejection puts a ceiling on your dreams, locks doors of opportunity, and raps you inside vicious circle of insanity.”

The anxiety to be rejected stops people from trying and sometimes it leaves people despair and alone. This is pivotal to get hold of yourself before you actually get rejected.


Think over following few things to overcome and combat with your fear of rejection.

Always stay rationally

Facing rejection with small heart and facing it with rationality can change the whole situation. Being rational or being a cry child both depends on you. If you stay rational and stay determined to face whatever the result are it makes you look less unfortunate and build the ability to confront rejection with confidence.

Think about the worst case-scenario

When you are waiting for an outcome, thinking about the worst case scenario can help. For instance, you have applied for a job in a International Business firm, there could be only two case, you get a call for the interview or you get rejected. The worst is you got rejected. Nothing more than that you can always try again.

Take rejection as a possibility but not an outcome

“Rejection is just a possibility and not an exact outcome.” As soon as you get to believe it, you are not going to be less fearful of rejection. It’s all about having a positive approach toward a situation because if you see with clearer head both the outcomes have equal possibilities and may be “Acceptance” have more chances.

Take rejection as opportunity

Keep it in your mind that Rejection is not the “End of the word” when one door closes another one opens. Your better world may be standing in line to come after this “rejection”. All that matter is how you take rejection. Fear has two meaning:

F.E.A.R “Forget Everything And Run” or “Face Everything And Rise”. When you will consider rejection as an opportunity to find a new direction you will not fear rejection.


Know your self-worth

Fear of rejection sometimes makes you lose your self-confidence, because when your worth is based on what others think of you, and you are not sure how they will response it can trick your mind but in that scenario keep your mind straight and realize that you are not worthless no matter what other people think of you, as they don’t know you more than you know yourself.


Take it as a learning experience

Rather than having high expectations stay rational and think of this specific event as an experience from what your learning new things. Learn from the rejection.

Never lose hope

Hopeless people are the real losers. Think in a way that even if you get rejected you will start a new and stay hopeful and positive about the results. Losing hope shows low self confidence and a negative approach.

TRY AGAIN and focus on your goals

Your main focus should always be your goals and to achieve those goals you must always give your best and in case of failure you must try again and try until you achieve successes without having any fear.

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