How to Overcome Shyness & Nervous Behavior

this has been found that 50% people describes themselves as shy. This is a normal behavior but yet it have negative effects on out social life therefore it is very important to overcome shyness and nervousness in order to live a positive life.


Forget about perfectionism

“There is none perfect” this is really true that no one is perfect, everyone have their lacking points and bad habits though having bad habits isn’t good but all It means that no one owns the perfection. So let go of perfectionism and accept yourself and be confident about your skills.


Yes if you’re going to linger Perfectionism it will lead you to Depression.

Interact more with people

Shy people often stay home, watch TV play with pets, play computer games and most randomly fancy about their better social life, but this is not what they should do. For getting over their nervousness and shy behavior they should go out and interact more with people. It helps in knowing more about them and makes it easy to be friendlier.


Don’t act like you read minds

people often assume that others may be don’t like them and avoiding them or have no interest in them, this can only be your wrong idea. Getting wrong ideas will keep you isolated and you will never be able to get out of your shell. So stop the horses of your imagination and take a step forward, greet people first and give compliments to get positive responses.


Increase your social skills

some people might have perfect social skills but too shy to expose and interact with people more often, on the other hand some people lack in this skill. They avoid people in gatherings and try not to attend parties and social events. Such people need to overcome their shyness and nervousness and need to be more social.


Boost your self-confidence

confidence comes from inside and changes your appearance and behavior. Try to build up confidence. According to Psychologists people feel more confident when they look good. So working on your appearance can be helpful in boosting your confidence.


Recognize yourself

self recognition is very important for you to overcome you shy and nervous behavior. If you worth yourself and recognize yourself, you might not be perfect but you are what no one else is so love yourself first. Try you boost up yourself and go out confidently.


Deal with anxiety

Shyness and nervous behavior is a type of having social anxiety.
It can be controlled in the following way:

* Breath out. Try to breath out longer than you breathe in, breathing out long makes the mind and body relaxed real quickly. When you are relaxed you can be social.

* Rehearse before going out on social events and meetings. Give yourself that pinch of confidence.


Send the real signals

Shy people often give the signal as if they are not friendly or aloof and distant it make us look unapproachable people who want to talk to us feel distant and it make us alone.
Research says that people who smile often and make eye contact are more attractive and social able, people have 86% more chances of a conversations with strangers if they are smiling.”


Help someone today

helping someone with shy behavior can help you overcoming your own too. It has been find out by the psychologists that solving a problem you have for someone else will help you a lot in your issues.


There are a lot of advices for people who have shyness and nervous behavior but following all of them right away is not possible so give yourself time and gradually work on you.

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