How to Tackle the Situation When You Are at Extreme of Anger?


Anger is a normal emotional response towards something or someone when they go against you or do something wrong to you. It is an expression of negative feelings and aggression.

Reactions vary from person to person, some react in a normal way even how worse the situations are. But some people may have no or less control over their wrath and anger.

Anger Management is important because:

Extreme anger may hurt and spoil your physical as well as mental health. It may take you to a situation where your carrier may get affected. Moreover, it may damage your relationships with others.

How to Tackle?

If you encounter the worse situation at the times you feel angry, control it, before it controls you. Take the following steps which may prove useful to you to calm yourself down.

Know the signs of your anger:

First of all, you should come to know what signs do appear when you feel angry. There are a few signs that appear when a person is in the position of extreme anger i.e. faster heartbeats, Tensing shoulders, headaches, heavy breaths, clenching jaws or hands, knots in stomach, feeling flushed etc.
When you notice the signs, try to get out of the situation by taking favorable remedies that you believe may take you out of this feeling.

Count to 10:

Count to 10 slowly, it will work. Meanwhile, you may feel little bit better. If it doesn’t work at once, do it twice. Counting to 10 may help you in relaxing your mind and body.

Take a deep breath:

In order to get yourself relaxed, take deep breaths. Breathe out for longer than you breathe in. It will definitely calm you down and help you think more clearly.

Take a timeout/Give yourself a break:

Taking a timeout may bring you out of the situation of aggression and anger. You should schedule some time, literally for yourself when you feel stressed and angry. Give yourself break from all of the usual activities and do something which makes you pleased.

Get engaged in some activity:

Make yourself busy in some activity which may make you feel contented and happy. Provide yourself a physical outlet for your bitterness by moving your body. For example exercise may prove helpful at the times of anger. And while doing it, just focus on your exercise and physical conditions. Meditating may also prove helpful. Ignore what has been on your mind.

Get Creative:

Doing creative things may also divert your attention and can bring satisfaction to you. Painting, writing, creating symphonies, dancing and such other activities may reduce your feelings of anger.

Express your anger after getting calm down/Talk about how you feel:

Think before you speak. Never say the things or express the reactions which later may take you to the repentance.

When you feel little bite calm, discuss your feelings with a friend and share with him/her how you feel, it may help you get a different perspective on the situation.

Ignore angry Thoughts:

Angry thoughts can make your anger worse. Try to ignore such thoughts and divert your attention. Having such thoughts may keep your mind focused on the things that have caused wrath to you. Letting such thoughts go will make it easier to get out of this situation.

Identify the solutions:

Identifying the solution, rather than focusing on what has made you angry is quite better and it works on resolving the problem at hand.
Start responding the situations which make you angry and aggressive in some different way.

Anger Management Programs:

And Anger management programmer may include counseling which may be one-to-one or group counseling. It may take hardly 3-4 sessions each of an hour or may be less than this. But in a few cases it may prolong, when needed. It may have different structure depending on who is the provider of counseling.

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