If Your Child is Not very Active in Studies how You Motivate your Child


Michael Grose, “Children can achieve almost anything if they are motivated, and they will learn very less if motivation is missing.”
It is often hard to deal with children in any matter, and if it is child how don’t want do things its more troublesome. If your child is not active in studies you are the one to worry about it, you need to motivate him as much as you can, but at the same time you got to be careful about not getting on his mind.
Use these useful tips to persuade to study your child.

Make Studying fun:

children find studies boring and make them dull, make it fun for your child. You can do several things, i.e., you can make a family reading time where all of you will read and their child can study in that atmosphere. Make education part of your conversations but keep it light.

Do projects and home works together
Allow your child to express his interests and skills, give hand to them while making projects for school, aid them stationary of their need, help them preparing for school tests by studying together, arrange their books and bags for them it saves their time and the more you get involved the more it gives them confidence and inspiration to do more.

Focus on their strengths

Watch carefully what their strengths and string points are and act accordingly. Your child may be is not good at science but have ability to write an amazing English poem, rather than scolding him for a bad science test, appreciate him for the English poem and then give more attention to science for improvement.

Get completely involved

When you get involved with your child’s studies it become less troublesome for your child, they become more willing to study.

Go out to learn

Visit places where there are more chances for your child to learn, go to science museums historical places etc.
Build a good relationship with him teacher
It is important to see how your child is doing at school, how he behaves and how much he participate in the class, go to his school regularly and talk about your child and not about mothers of other children. Not knowing how your child is doing at school is permission to him for being careless.

Ask more
it’s not about nagging him; ask interesting questions that reflect your curiosity to know. Say it like “I wonder how?” “I wonder why?” It encourages him and makes him try to learn more to give you better answers.

Answer his questions indirectly

Give your child time to find answers let him reach the right answers while you are studying together. Ask him that what he think and how the answer can be found but don’t make it look too tough to find the answer.

Read and play together

Read with your child, choose interesting and funny books, talk about the characters and story of the book and most importantly make a conclusion from the book, share your thoughts about the story, this read together time is the best time that will motivate your child to study.

Playing games together is fun and you can make him learn while playing and he would even not realize if he is learning.

Watch TV documentaries

Children wonder more about World than you; watch TV documentaries with your child it will make him learn in TV time too.

Ask about learning

Ask what they learned today instead of what are their results for tests. Make him teach you what he learned, while explaining to you what he learned he will revise everything told him in school.

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