Interesting Proven Tips to Be Happy at Work

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Seeing the fact that, “13 percent of employees worldwide are happily engaged at work.” It is obvious the other 87% are not too much happily engaged in their work, it is quite dissatisfying and worrisome, but kind of understandable. (As most of the offices are boring, people looks like machines there and the atmospheres of work places are not so happening.

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Own the work place

Office is a place where you spend 7-8 hours every day yet you think of as your boss’s place, well that’s not so fare. Jennifer Star says, “Make your space your own, and decorate your area as much as your company policy permits, and make yourself as comfortable and relaxed as you can be in your office.” Converting your work cabin/office in to a place you would love to sit in will give you a sense of ownership and leaves good affect on mood.

Make a Best friend

The study has shown, “That having a best friend at work can turn a moderately engaged worker into a highly engaged worker.” Friends are of great help whether it is school or the office. Make a good friend at your place with whom you can share your thoughts as the work pressure builds up.

Know what your work means to you and to others

Studies reveal that, “Employees who know how their work has a meaningful, positive impact on others are not just happier than those who don’t; they are vastly more productive, too.” This means when you think about your work and its significance you begin to be more engaged in your work that increases your productivity and also make you feel good while working.


How often do you smile in office? You might not be smiling a lot because of the work pressure or may be just because you take work too seriously, but believe me, something as simple as smiling can improve your mood at work as it tells your brain to be happier and the credit goes to the release of neuropeptides. In addition ‘Smiling is contagious’ and will make your co-workers smile as well.

Keep the worries aside

In order to be happy and concentrated at work you must not dwell on the worries you have at home, this may seem hard but try live in the moment and forget about the worries. Julie Morgenstern says, “When your personal life is in tumult, a lot of emotional hijacking goes on. Emotions consume you and stress exhausts you.”

Take time to breathe

For working more efficiently you must take short breathing breaks time to time, when you engage yourself constantly in intense office work you mind get tired and stop working in best way, Sharon Salzberg says, “Without some breathing space in the face of constant demands, we won’t be creative, competent, or cheerful.”

Don’t starve and drink water

When I used to be a student I remember my mother never let me leave home for school/college without eating so I can study better, for doing a task that require mental strength you really need to feed yourself with good food and keeping yourself hydrated.  Shirly Weiss says, “Maintaining a good diet and keeping yourself properly hydrated throughout your workday can really make a big difference in your energy level and attitude.”

Help others

A study done at University of Wharton revealed that if you spend 10-30 minutes each day to help someone less time constrained. Helping other is actually having an affect of healing and making people happy.

Accept people as they are

You cannot change people around you, you can be unhappy around but you DON’T have to. If you don’t like anyone in your working place you will have adjust and this is for your good that you should ACCEPT people as they are. It makes you feel less unhappy and uneasy.

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