Is Money is the Only Thing of Happiness?


Richard Layard says, “Money is not the only thing affecting people’s happiness.”
There is an endless debate about, if money is the only thing that brings happiness in our lives. People are of different point of view and share several thoughts in this regard. But we found it that It is not the only thing that makes people happy but It plays a definite role in bringing bliss in our lives. Here is my reasoning.

Money ‘increase’ happiness

There are people who are living contented life with their families and friends with limited income. As 62 people own money as much as the half of words population. Is that meaning half of the world is unhappy? No people are happy even when they are not as rich as bill Gates still they need money to fulfill their needs of living a contended life. They will surely be happier with more money. It shows that money isn’t a direct source of happiness as there is half world population living happily without much of money; but it will increase the happiness of people because with money they can buy things that may give them satisfaction.

People don’t move to Pleasurable activities
It is observed, when people earn more of money they spend less time in activities that are enjoyable, they more they earn the more time they spend at work and their business places, this is the main reason of stress and tension in people with loads of money, all they have to be worried about is their riches. It simply means that more money is more stress for majority of people whereas a person who has less money will be anxious about how to earn it but it is less than the depression and anxiety rich people face.
Goods don’t make us contented

Obtaining things of material value, i.e., cars, big houses, luxury have ephemeral effect on our contentment and happiness. People’s wish for more luxurious possessions increases more than their income, so when the income increases they buy more but still their desires are never achieved and they end up discontented. There are evidences that materialism make us less contented and happy.

Relative income affect

It is been learned from behaviors that value of income of people have less of more value relatively to the incomes of other people living in surroundings, people who earn more than the income of people living in their surrounding are more contented by comparing their income to other’s but they rarely get the advantage of positive comparison as they shift to places where people earn more than them. It reveals that money itself doesn’t bring happiness but we become happy knowing that we earn more than others.
NOW the Question may arise “If it’s not money that bring happiness then why do people run after it?”

It sounds sensible that money bring happiness, even though people don’t admit it but still they act as if it’s true. They work for hours straight in offices, factories, industries, farms, schools, banks and all business places even at home, but most confusingly, people, though they know that money won’t make them happy yet they continue back breaking work for the sake of Money. But even when we apparently have everything but feel like something is missing, but cannot figure it out what is that missing thing. It is the feeling of discontent that no money can cure.

Money and happiness in a nutshell
we can say that it’s not money that gives us happiness on day to day basis, but it is one of the necessities for a life better life style for what we should work and seek for money for fulfilling our needs. But for happiness we would have to cut of our desires as “NO MONEY OF WORLD CAN FULFILL MAN’S DESIRES.”

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