Managing a Right Behavior With Your Colleagues


It is not a valid option to hide in your cubicle or ignoring others. There may be many occasions that may make you feel like you are of little or no worth. But it doesn’t mean to respond with a knee-jerk reaction. You should interact with your coworkers and colleagues for improving your association with your work and organization. Rude behavior with your colleagues can make your professional life stressful.
Here is a list of easy ways to improve your interaction and cooperation with your colleagues and coworkers which will help in making them feel valued and respected:

Show your concern

Most of the people like it when there has been a real concern shown in their lives by their coworkers. Make a point of remembering their wedding anniversary and greet them on the day by telling them that you remember their favorite sport and team. It doesn’t take much time and effort to engage them in a gentle conversation in stairs or by the water cooler.

Be attentive

It is important to pay attention when any of your colleagues addresses you. You should also stop doing the things which you are doing at that time, if easy for you else ask them to wait so until you can pause. After getting free, pay your full attention to them. Listen actively and make the person feel by giving verbal an non verbal signs.

Be polite and respectful

It is very important to demonstrate positivity in your behavior. Bring positivity and politeness in your attitude. You should treat your coworkers the way you want to get treated by others. Try not to insult and upsetting them and if there is any criticism, you can do it in a constructive manner. Always be solution oriented and excited about challenges.

Communicate persuasively

Try to communicate with your coworkers in an effective manner. Make concise, polite and to the point emails. Note your points and arguments ahead of time and review them shortly if you are going to give a presentation. Be more direct while communicating with your coworkers. If you’re an extrovert, train yourself to avoid launching into related subjects unless necessary. If you’re an introvert, coach yourself to explain your thoughts and observations in a clear manner.

Fulfill your commitments

It is important to come up with your commitments; it builds your reputation among your colleagues and employer. If you have made a commitment to finish a project by the end of this week, you must do so.

Follow up

It is suggested that you should give importance to following up with people. For instance, wrap up a project by asking how the process and results were for the other party. It makes your relationship strong with your coworkers and gives you feedback about your performance.

Accept if you have done wrong

It is also suggested to accept your mistakes rather than antagonizing others by blaming them. A person who points fingers to others is not liked by anyone. Own your mistakes even if you are afraid of consequences. It will make you stronger and help your professional development.
The effort to enhance connections at work is a sound investment. Invest a little time and vitality to upgrade your interaction with others and watch how that benefits your professional life.

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