Questions To Ask Yourself to Stay Positive When Facing Difficulties


“Do I interpret the things negatively?”

Negativity brings negativity. You can never feel positive if you always keep negative thoughts in your mind which make a difficult situation more difficult. Ask yourself if you negatively interpret the thing. If the answer is yes, then the very first thing you need to do is transforming your negativity into positivity, else it will never become easy for you to cope with difficult situations positively. If you find yourself taking about you, never feel that they are backbiting you, rather keep in mind that they may be having some positive talk.

 “Am I pessimistic?”

If you are pessimistic, eliminate the factors and people from your life who brings negativity and your life and lead you to pessimism. Just an optimistic person can change the difficulty into ease. On the other hand, you may not be able to even think optimistically so how would you make your task positively? People, who surround you, really matter. So just go for a group of people who think in positive manner. It will help you in getting rid of pessimism.

 “Am I surrounded by people full of negativity?”

Negative energy is easy to be picked up. Avoid people whose negativity brings you down. Recognize such people and ignore them. Such people annoy by constantly making complains and whines. Don’t get caught up in their negativity. Stop having conversations with them and disassociate with them as soon as possible.

 “Do you control your response?”

Analyze and find either you do control your response or not.

Controlling your response is a golden rule in order to go through a negative situation in a positive way. Make yourself calm by taking deep breaths and get yourself out of negativity. And now, think clearly about your response. If you respond out of emotions, it will increase your difficulty.

 “Do you learn from negative situations?”

Think! Do you learn from it when you confront a negative situation? Do you take it as an opportunity?

Don’t react negatively, rather learn from the difficulty you are facing or have faced. If you don’t learn, you would channel your energy into a negative reaction which will give you nothing, but harm. Take your negative response into your notice and take a review of the circumstances that caused it. Give yourself training regarding response and make yourself able to control the situation instead of allowing the situation to control you.

 “What is in my control?”

When we are surrounded by difficulties and hard challenges it often becomes possible to think rationally. We lose sight of those things that we can change.

Analyze the situation candidly and look for the things you can change. You will feel quite centered and focused after understanding it and will be able to handle the difficulty tactfully.

 “What is not in my control?”

Also analyze the things you cannot control and don’t waste yourself over thinking and putting effort over such things. Look at your difficulty, identify things which are out of your control and just forget them. You don’t need to overwhelm over such things. Consider them useless.

What is the most important thing you can do right now?

Sometimes doing nothing is the best remedy. Making a call, having chit chat, going for outing, watching some movie or listening some music may be a best thing you can do at the time when you are stuck into a difficult situation. Such activities help you in relaxing your nervous system.

 “Do you express gratitude?”

Expressing gratitude may sometimes be the best thing to do. If you express gratitude it means you acknowledge the blessing you have been blessed with. Voice those blessings. Talk about these things. Actively acknowledging what you’re grateful for will help you to always have a grateful mind and heart, even when bad things happen.

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