What was Your Reaction if Someone Asks you Unexpected Question

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Question and answer sessions are common in presentations and interviews. It can be a most exciting part of this period, but not to everyone because sometimes entirely unexpected questions are asked which are not easy to be handled for everyone. They may catch you off-guard.

In the view of many, unexpected questions are something good which provides you a chance to show your abilities to respond quickly which shows your intellect and brilliance.

You can never know all the questions you may be asked during a session so you must need to prepare yourself for unexpected questions. Here we are providing you with some techniques to handle any kind of unexpected questions during a question answer session:

Listen the question carefully

It is very important to listen the entire question carefully before giving any answer. It leaved a very rough impression to answer the question before listening it completely so listen it and make sure that that you have understood the question.

Take some time

If you find the question difficult to answer then you can take some time by paraphrasing the question such as “let me make sure U understand your question”.

At the moment when you are taking time, avoid having an awkward silence which may leave the impression that you don’t know the answer at all. You can say the things like “I am taking some time to think about a good answer.” Don’t be nervous, it will take you to misunderstanding the questions asked to you.

Pause before answering the question

It’s totally fair to take a few moments to pull together your answer. Silence may convey your confidence to the other person and give a chance to breath. It may leave the impression that the answer is being organized in your mind. Answering abruptly but in a disorganized manner leaves a bad impression.

Repeat the question out loud so that they may feel that you have listened and understood the question.

Credit the person for asking the question

You may also credit the person by saying “glad you asked this question” or “that was a great question” or “I get asked this question many times, before”. It will leave the impression that their question was not unimportant or unexpected to you.

Respond the Question

You should answer the question candidly and in the best way you can. Don’t fake your answer. If you are not much clear about the answer then go back to them and do the promise to research the question for them.

Bridge to the next question

If you have answered the question then bridge to the next one by asking then “is that the kind of information you were looking for” or “does that answer your question” etc.

Don’t fake the answer of you don’t know that

If you find the question totally outside your information and knowledge, try to do it but later if you can’t come up with anything, you should admit that you don’t know. You don’t have to be shameful about it.

If the question does not relate with the job, you can proceed by saying “I realize this job needed this skill, is this job requirement?”

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