What Was your Reaction if Someone Unexpectedly Proposes you?


It can be tricky to answer a marriage proposal especially at times when it is totally unexpected. There may be a heartfelt “yes” when it is truly in heart but situation becomes bit difficult when you are not quite sure. Here are a few ways to respond when somebody expectedly proposes you:

Saying yes is easiest if it is in your heart

A simple yes is enough for looking forward and building a life together but you may add something to make the moment more special such as:

“Yes, I was longing for the moment for so long.”

“Yes, you are the love of my life and my answer could always be nothing other than yes.”

“I can’t think of anything more than spending rest of my life with you.”

Saying no to a proposal is always bothersome

It need an effort to refuse someone’s proposal as you may have been in a caring relationship with the person and never intended to make them hurt even if you don’t want the same. So you must choose the lines which may not cause hurt the other person. You should say the things like:

I care about you, but I am sorry because I don’t think we want all the same stuff in life and I think it would be rational not to get marries, for at least right now. Or

I am glad that you care for me and I have significance in your life; we are good friends and always remain same way but I am sorry I am not interested in getting married.  Or

You know you are wonderful and, I wish I could say a yes but I don’t think we are right for each other. You may find it bad right now but I am sure you will be glad when you will find the right person for you.

Some more tips about how to an unexpected proposal

Regardless of the fact whether your answer is positive or negative, you must make sure that the other person has understood your response. Read and consider the following points:

Don’t make the things vague

Give a clear answer to the person who has proposed you with yes or no. make you have left them with no ambiguity. Never use “maybe”, “but” etc and don’t impose conditions for accepting their proposal.

Be candid

Never feel that you are under pressure and compelled to say yes, even when you don’t want so. Tell them clearly whatever your answer is. If your answer is no, it may hurt but just for the time being. On the other hand if you feel to be pressured and say yes despite not having such kind of feelings then it may cause more pain to other person, later. They deserve to know an honest answer.

Never leave the other person handing

It may be quite irritating and agonizing to wait for the answer of a marriage proposal so you should never leave the person hanging when he proposes you. It’s not bad to ask for some time to think when you are confused and can’t answer at the same moment but make sure the other person knows that the subject is being tabled for a short time. Never walk away and ask for time when you know in your heart that later your answer will be a no. it is better not to give a false hope and refusing at the same time.

Don’t make other feel that your answer is rehearsed or planned

Proposals are sometimes rehearsed and it is quite right too as they are a bit nerve wracking. But the response, whatever it is, should not sound rehearsed rather it should be totally natural and come right from the heart.



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