Reasons why People let you Down

If you are obsessed with being kind to yourself, you have to understand that it is not always good to be kind to yourself when it comes to self-evaluation of oneself. To understand the reasons why people might let you down and leave your side, this is important to admit that you can be wrong; you can be the reason for people to change their behavior towards you. It’s not like possible that you are innocent and people just let you down all the time. If you understand THIS, you can be better being for yourself and for others as well.


“I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.” –Bruce Lee

You let them down

This is the most common reason why people let you down, if you listen to the one who is leaving your side, you will get to know how you left them alone when they needed you. You will only realize it now when you are left alone and when you are asking for someone to be by your side. This is fair if you have done wrong, you deserve it, enduring it you must make up for what wrong you have done.

You are not pleasant

If your presence is annoying, you do thing other don’t like, or things which are not pleasant you are more likely to be abandoned. You might never knew how you have been affecting people’s mood and emotions, so this is why it is more important to reflect on yourself and to thinks about your own flaws than blaming or whining.

You never defined what you expect or never fulfilled others expectations

This can be an actual root cause of your grievance, if you have never told the other person what you expect from him/her, what chances are there you are have receive that exact thing? Therefore having real expectation and expressing them is required in all kind of relationships. On other hand people might get let you down out of disappointment when you don’t fulfill their expectations.

Your vision is unclear

The people around you might just let you down, if you, yourself are not clear in your vision about your future and present as well. If you don’t bother to be successful why anyone else would will take the pain

You push them away

Rethink for a moment, were you loyal enough, were you sincere, were you always helped them, did you always took their back? If not, you are not supposed to complaint now but to repent and apologize, it may make no difference but you will feel better at least.

You didn’t care enough

If you have cared enough, they wouldn’t have let you down, Not at all.

You used them

This is the worst thing you could have done to anyone. It’s more like a sin. And it’s fair enough if they have let you down, won’t you agree? But not to be harsh, you can fix it by showing courage to ask for forgiveness and providing your help.

You make bad choices

If you have made bad choices for yourself, liking preferring company of bad people, bad habits or bad business, the people who oppose that, won’t stay around any longer.

You took them for granted

We all do things, but that doesn’t make it a right thing to do. Right? In case you have taken them for granted and never sincerely acknowledged their presence, they sure had a reason to let you down.


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