If Someone Ignores you how to Behave

Being ignored can hurt your emotions badly, people get depressed and anxious when they are being ignored, according to the psychologist this is one of the top reasons of depression for the patients when they are being ignored by their loved ones. There are so many possible reasons that a person is ignoring you and it is also possible that they are ignoring for no reason. You need to know how to deal with such situations when you are being ignored so you can keep your mind at peace and to avoid depression.


See the following to learn how you should behave.

First, see if you have done anything wrong

Before you put blame on other and start complaining, reflecting on yourself would be a better thing to do. Though, this can be challenging as it is often hard to admit your own mistakes and wrongdoings but it is possible that you have pushed her/him to the point where they don’t care about you and ignore you. See if you have done something that have hurt their emotions, if this is the case you should be now preparing for an apology and now you need to be sincere. If this is not the case, than you have think in other way.


If you feel that you are being ignored for no particular reason, and you are confident about it, it will be better that you get to talk to her at least for once. Be nice when you meet, and politely ask if there is a reason that he/she is ignoring you. It might be hard to talk to them in the first place asking this question can turn things in two possible ways: they ignore you again or they will tell you “no, there must be some misunderstanding you are a friend.” (It is possible they are just dealing with the situation.)

Resolve misunderstandings

Simply asking them why they are ignoring might just wouldn’t help. You have known what the misunderstanding is and resolve it. You can only do that when you talk to the other person and they open up. So be a little kind to let them open up.

Don’t push too hard

The situation can go out hands quite easily. The person ignoring you might find it annoying and ignore you even more. This is not the matter of life and death so give space and time; he/she will eventually know and realize her/his that they were being mean and cold to you.

Let go

If someone is just ignoring for their own reasons and you have not hurt them, the best thing is to ‘let go’. There is no use to hold on to someone who doesn’t value you. It can be hard; doing it will make you a happier self with the passage of some time. You should know your worth and you should never allow ANYONE to make you look worthless or not important. May be not for them but you are important for so many other people and that is what you should be caring about instead of giving control of your life to a single person.


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