Be a Sophisticated Lady in a Party

No one wants to be ignored, or feel like they don’t exist especially when it comes to social events like a party. You sure want to be classy, sophisticated and attractive so you can get attention and have more fun and also be good enough to let others enjoy your company. This article is about how you can look good, be sophisticated and have fun at a party.


Follow the below steps to become a sophisticated party goer.

Make sure you’re invited

You know you don’t want to become or feel unwanted and uninvited guest “the worst kind of guest” in parties. That is why you must be sure and positive about the invitation. Otherwise you won’t be warmly welcomed.

Decide what you are going to wear

To look classy and sophisticated you must choose a perfect dress for the party, the matching heels, bag and jewelry. If the party has a theme, you must not break the theme and dress up accordingly the guest who break the dress code are annoying for the host or hostess of the party. If there is no dress code or theme than you have greater choice and you can wear any dress that suits you the most. Take shower, dry your hair, make a pretty hair-style (an up do is perfect for a classy look) doll up yourself. Don’t put on too much make up and you’re ready.

Be there at time

Reaching at a party before time or late both are not so good, if you reach there before time the preparation may be are not completed and you will get bored and if you are late enough to make people wait for you that’s also not a good thing to do. Being at time shows your punctuality of time and that itself is attractive.

Greet the host/hostess and others

When have reached there, greet the host/hostess with a big, bright smile and a greeting hug. Be warm and meet up with everyone at the party you see. Greet everyone and anyone who approaches you should listen to him/her. Don’t ignore or turn people down.

Be courteous and smile

A person who smiles is the most attractive, throw smiles. Don’t exclude anyone from talking to you, talk to people other than your friend circle.

Control your voice

You shouldn’t take too loudly and not too slowly. Your voice should be hearable but not loud.

Drink sip by sip

When you are drinking you shouldn’t drink at once, drink in an elegant way.

Be aware of your surrounding

Don’t just sit and watch people, know what is happening around you there might be someone waiting for you to take his/her notice and talk with.

Show your sense of humor

A good sense of humor can make people fall for you, time to time make people laugh with small jokes, but you should be careful someone might take anything personally, so don’t make fun of people when you are being funny.

Dance if you’re asked to…

Dance with anyone who asks you to dance with him. But don’t practice your aerobic moves in a party. Dance with grace and class.

Let’s meet again

When saying goodbye you met in the party, ask them to catch up again some time.

Say thanks to hostess/host

Don’t forget to say thank you to the host/hostess of the party for the lovely time you had.

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