Suggestions to Break the Habit of Compulsive Lying


Having a bad habit doesn’t make you bad person, but not admitting it debating that you are right can. Like any other bad habit, it is important to get rid of lying habit, as it is destroying your image in front of other peoples and consequently it will make you alone. Before it’s too late to fix it and to fix it you must admit it and consider it as a problem.


As Mark Twain says “Always tell the truth. That way, you don’t have to remember what you said.”

Stop using lie for emotional needs

People often lie because of their emotional needs. People who seek attention may lie about their health, status, connection with others; their non-existing skills etc. there are so many other emotional needs people unconsciously lay for i.e., protection, security, attention, intimacy, self-esteem, love and consideration. All you can do to get your needs fulfill is “be honest”. Be honest toward people. In that way you will feel a lot more easy and respected and there won’t be any need to lie for attention.

Find the reasons of lying

This habit usually develops from childhood, when you make some kind of mistake and lie in order to not be punished. Let yourself know what the things are or who are the people who give you urge for lying, there must be some reasons you lie for, it can be your needs attached with people’s actions, and you may lie just to comfort yourself.

Take a small step

It’s never easy to cut down a habit you have, it always takes it’s time. The need is to take a step and usually the first step is the hardest. Start practicing telling truth to people who are closer to you.

Stop using lie as a shield

This is a most common reason lying is used for, we feel unsure and worried about the consequences if we tell people about our lacking, failure, mistake or our darker side of life, we you lie for saving ourselves from any harsh behaviors or punishment for our deeds, take example of politicians who lie for their good and benefits. It become easy to tell the truth when you let go of your so called ego and fear of being punished.

Think about the consequences

Lies might give you comfort or fulfill your needs but in the long run you are at a loss, right when the people discover about the false talk and white lies, they are going to think of you as a low life and extremely untrustworthy fellow. No one is going to trust you from that day on. So think about these consequences and give it your best efforts to quit lying.

Think before you speak

If you think about what you’re going to speak, it helps you uttering more sensible words.

Don’t tell anything

If you think that it’s hard for you to say truth the moment you are inquired anything, it’s better to be silent than to lie.

Ask for help

Facing difficulty in breaking this habit? Share it with a close one, a friend or parents. Ask them to help you and trust them.


The most needed factor for changing any bad habit is your determination and will power. Be firm and determined; tell yourself that you can do it and never step back when it’s about making you a better person.


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