How to tell if Someone has Anger Issues/Signs that you have Anger Issues:

Anger and wrath can take you to many other problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and other mental and physical disorders. There can be so many factors which lead a person to anger problems such as difficulties with low self esteem, being mistrusted, past abuse issues etc.

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It is crucial to control the anger and being calm else it harms your relationships. It is an important emotion among all the emotions, as it carries some strong reasons which must be viewed if you find any of your loved ones in constantly indulged in this emotion. There may be some complexes or other such problems which make him so intense and harsh. It is perfectly normal to feel angry but if it becomes out of control, it may become dangerous and cause harm to you as well as those who surround you.

There are some signs of anger issue which are pretty much clear and can easily be observed but every one doesn’t bother to identify and look for remedial measures. Only the loved ones are to see when we are real. It is assumed that only men have anger issues. This is pretty much true, but not always. Following are the signs which are also found in women as well:

Behavioral symptoms:

  1. Making extreme criticism
  2. Belittling
  3. Putting others down
  4. Lack of patience
  5. Inability in controlling temperament
  6. Blaming and accusing everyone and everything
  7. Feeling like they are walking on eggshells around you
  8. People are afraid to talk to them
  9. People avoid them
  10. Shutting down or withdrawal at the time of anger
  11. Being very irritable
  12. Punching objects even the hardest ones
  13. Reacting very violently even to small things
  14. Disrespecting others
  15. Finding it highly difficult to calm
  16. Breaking objects while having arguments
  17. Having same arguments again and again
  18. Shouting at others
  19. Physical violence towards people
  20. Ignoring others or excluding them socially

Emotional Symptoms:

  1. Lack of sleep
  2. Feeling frustrated
  3. Paranoia
  4. Anxiety
  5. Feeling depressed
  6. Feeling mistreated
  7. Being very hostile towards some people
  8. Losing control over you
  9. Feeling rejected
  10. Social Isolation


Physical Symptoms:

  1. Tingling
  2. Heart palpitations or tightening of the chest
  3. Increased blood pressure
  4. Headaches
  5. Pressure in the head or sinus cavities
  6. Fatigue
  7. Increase in heart rate and blood pressure
  8. Sweating
  9. Tension in muscles
  10. Clenched jaw

Tips for dealing with your anger issues:

  1. The initial step to recuperation is to comprehend and acknowledge that you have an issue. From this you can start to take a glance at you conduct and what triggers certain responses.
  2. Be fair with yourself as well as other people around you. Attempt to encompass yourself with constructive individuals and expel negative impacts.
  3. Count to 5 or 10 when confronted with a circumstance that makes you irate.
  4. Work with a family or an in respect to distinguish conceivable answers for your annoyance. Try not to concentrate on what made you frantic, take a look at how you can resolve it normally.
  5. Get a lot of activity. Going for a lively walk or run can decrease stress, on the off chance that you start to feel irate take some an opportunity to get outside and go for a walk.
  6. Practice unwinding strategies, for example, profound breathing to soothe anxiety, contemplation or yoga. This will help you to contemplate your activities and responses.
  7. Asking for help doesn’t make you frail. In the event that it turns out to be an excessive amount to endure, look for expert help. They can work with you to make adapting methodologies and to create relational abilities.
  8. When you begin feeling irate, attempt profound breathing, positive self-talk, or halting your furious musings. Inhale profoundly from your stomach. Gradually rehash a quiet word or expression, for example, “unwind” or “relax.” Repeat it to yourself while breathing profoundly until the indignation dies down.
  9. Although communicating indignation is superior to anything keeping it in, annoyance ought to be communicated in a fitting way. Successive upheavals of resentment are regularly counter-profitable and cause issues involved with others. Outrage upheavals are likewise upsetting to your apprehensive and cardiovascular frameworks and can exacerbate wellbeing issues. Figuring out how to utilize decisiveness is the solid approach to express your emotions, needs, and inclinations. Being self-assured can be utilized as a part of spot of utilizing resentment as a part of these circumstances.
  10. Seek out the backing of others. Talk through your emotions and attempt to take a shot at changing your practices.
  11. If you experience difficulty acknowledging when you are having furious musings, keep a log of when you feel irate.
  12. Try to pick up an alternate point of view by placing yourself in somewhere else’s.
  13. Learn how to snicker at yourself and see diversion in circumstances.
  14. Practice great listening abilities. Listening can enhance correspondence and can encourage trusting emotions between individuals. This trust can help you manage conceivably unfriendly feelings.
  15. Learn to affirm yourself, communicating your sentiments serenely and straightforwardly without getting to be protective, unfriendly, or candidly charged. Counsel self improvement guides on decisiveness or look for assistance from an expert specialist to figure out how to utilize empathy and outrage administration abilities.


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