How to Understand People Psychology

The most complex subject on the earth is human being, cannot be easily understand. Read this article to understand a little more of it.


Look profound past actions

Don’t simply watch for action, try to understand the aims behind them regardless of the fact that the activities appeared to be odd.

Unmet requirements are the way to understanding individuals

Goals, drives or unmet needs that the individual had at an early age can be the way to understanding that individual.

Watch Body Language Cues

Research has demonstrated that words represent just 7% of how we communicate while our non-verbal communication 55% and voice tone 30% shows to the rest. Here, the surrender to concentrate on is relinquishing making a decent attempt to read non-verbal communication signals. Try not to get excessively intense or analytical. Stay calm and unbiased, sit back, and just watch.

Think about the past experiences of the people

As the new born child come toward life he begins building up specific objectives that escort him for rest of his life. For instance a young kid who was constantly favored and given attention by his parents may grow up as an attention seeker grown-up keeping in mind the end goal to keep getting the attention he used to get.

So the way to understand someone’s psychology is to think about the objectives and goals that he is struggling for as an outcome of the circumstances he has been through before in his life.

Pay Attention on Appearance

Appearance of a person matters in learning about what he really is, how he thinks and what he want people to think about him. People who dress up in nice suit and clean shined shoes, it shows they dress for success and it shows their ambition. While someone not dressed up formally on a business event shows they like staying casual. A tight revealing dress may be picked for looking seductive.

Notice Posture

When you are trying understanding a person’s psychology you cannot ignore his postures. The postures of a person say a lot more than we think. Watch and think, if a person holds his head high, he is confident, if someone is walking indecisively maybe it is sign of low self-esteem.

Look For Physical Movements

  • Leaning and Distance:

Observe where individuals lean. For the most part, we lean toward those we like and far from those we don’t.

  • Crossed arms and legs

This posture says defense, annoyance, self-protection or anger. At the point when individuals fold their legs they tend to point the toes of the top leg towards the individual they feel most relax with.

  • Hiding one’s hands

When individuals put their hands in their laps, pockets, or put them behind their back, it shows that they are covering up or hiding something.

  • Lip gnawing or nail picking

When individuals bite or lick their lips or pick their cuticles they are trying to calm themselves under stress or in a embarrassing difficult situation.

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