Various Motivational Ideas when you Feel lazy

I admit. I feel lazy sometimes, we all feel sluggish time to time, but the problem is can’t let the laziness rule over us. The reasons are simple; we won’t be able to achieve anything, not even a penny, we will be left alone, we will lose all the great opportunities and the Good health. You know that, but still feel hard to get rid of your laziness? That can be understand, and realizing how difficult it can be, I have sum up some of the best ideas to lift up you mood and change laziness into excitement.


Act motivated

When you are lazy, but act motivated do the things you are assigned to do, you, in the process actually starts to feel motivated and the laziness get out of the window.


Meditation is a solution to a lot of problems and to this one to, when you feels lazy, just go to place where you can get fresh air and do a breathing exercise. This will lift up your mood and release all the stress and make your mind ready to work.


Doing self evaluation can help you in motivating you do more and get more. Ask yourself, where you stand right now on the way to achieve your goal and see you far you have to walk to achieve it. Thinking about this can give motivation.


Start from the interesting task

When you are up to do some tasks, and feeling total unmotivated, lazy and uninterested pick the most interesting task or the one think is easy to do.

Think about the benefits

You will definitely feel motivated to do something when you think about the benefits and rewards the task will provide you. The task can be anything it can be anything from taking a shower to doing your office assignment, Sometimes laziness doesn’t even allow us to get up for eating, so push yourself in times like that by thinking about the benefits.

Use willpower

The laziness is usually caused by lack of will-power. Although we know the importance of a particular task, we still get the energy and motivation to get started. You can only fight with this situation by using the ‘will-power’. Get a hold of yourself, think about your goals and gather your willingness to do it.

Reward yourself

This is a best idea to motivate oneself. You can set a reward for yourself for doing a specific thing, the shouldn’t be so big but it should be something that you really want or like. For example for heading to gym you can reward yourself with a good healthy meal, or may be a pair of new training shoes.

Make a goal list

You might be feeling lazy because you are lacking goals. People who have clear goals usually work for them and rarely feel lazy. This is the time for you to set goals for your life, if you already have a goal to achieve, you can make a plan to achieve it. By doing this you will get the motivation to work.

Eat something you love

Eating something you like can boost your mood and give energy to work.



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