Various Ways and Ideas to Make your Parents Proud

Knowing that you have made your parents proud is the best feeling of accomplishment that someone can feel. As children we often just make them worried and anxious because of our care-free behaviors. All the parents want their child as worthy person and want to see them successful. When that time comes, the happiness and pleasure a parent have is incomparable and worth seeing. It’s not like you can only make your parents proud when you have become Rich, your parents will be proud enough to see you as a righteous and compassionate person.


Here are few things a person of any age can do to make his/her parents feel great about him/her.

Work hard

Make yourself able to be admired, do the right things, be in time, give your hundred percent to whatever you are doing, whether it is studies, any sports you play, you job or business. It will take you to the place where your parents will be so proud of you. Do anything that you can to be a good person.

Be honest

No parents would want their child to be dishonest. They all want us to be honest and teach us to be honest since we were little child. Be honest to them, never lie to them nor give them half-knowledge, say only what you mean and not any dishonest behavior. It will build their trust on you more strong and firm.

Become responsible

Your parents want to see you becoming responsible, it will make them less burdened and lessen their worries. Try to become as responsible as you can, do things in time, eat your meals regularly, do your tasks with diligence, save money, be careful in what you wear, don’t come late home, in short don’t do things that make your parents worried and panicked.

Admit your faults

You know your faults, but sometimes don’t admit it; the cause can be expected scolding, punishment or your ego. This is something really negative and makes you a bad child. Know it that your parents love you more than anyone and they understand you more than you, so always admit your faults and make your reason or explanation later when they are ready to listen. This is a good feeling for parents to realize that their children doesn’t conceal the mistakes.

Help others

When you help someone the happiest people on earth are your parents, it makes them feel so proud to see the compassion you have for others.

Co-operate with your parents

Giving hand to your mother for chores it’s an easy thing anyone can do. But your mother will feel blessed to have a caring and co-operating kid. Asking your father if you can help in anything will make your father feel great.

Fulfill their expectations

Try to fulfill what they expect from you, rather than living a care free life, make an aim of your life and try to fulfill it. You know what your parents expect from you never appose.

Never talk back or argue

When you are being scolded or having a disagreement with your parents, never argue in high voice and never cut their words or talk back. It will make them disappointed and sad. Rather than that listen to them and keep your voice and gaze low.

Be grateful

Your parents are doing a lot more than you think they are doing for you, be utmost grateful and show your gratitude regularly. Accept things with phrases like, “Thank you, I would have been misfortunate without you.”, “I am so grateful you made this.” Etc.

Share their worries

There are times when our parents have worries and problems, stand with them facing whatever is coming on the way. It makes them strong and they count on you. There can’t be anything more delightful then seeing your parents happy because of you.

Be a good person

You can make your parents proud just by being a good person. Don’t be harsh and disrespectful to anyone.



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