various Ways to Kick Out my Bad Habits with Psychological Tricks

All of us have small and big bad habits, that’s normal, we all have tried and made resolutions to change these habits for several times in our lives but could not break our habits. That’s because we go against the natural ways. For kicking out a bad habit you must know your mind pattern and willingness.


Use these psychological tricks to break your bad habits today.

Know the reason and causes
the first thing you need to do is getting conscious about your habit and reason behind it, why and what situations you opt to do, i.e., people bite nails when they are nervous, some people eat more when they are depressed, smokers smoke when they are anxious and stressed., getting to know what are the reasons and causes of your bad habit helps in defining ways to abandon that habit.
Susan Jaffe says, “If you can notice when you’re doing your bad habit and what circumstances and feeling are attached to it, you might become able to why you’re doing this how you will be able to stop it.”

What is reward of your habit?

Behavioral psychology define that our actions reward us or punish us that accelerate or decrease the chances of that action’s repentance. If someone is having a bad habit that mean he is being rewarded for his behavior that’s way he is repeating it, like smokers smoke because it releases stress and tensions, a person who eat more is because he gets the taste.
what you need to do is try and find out what you are being rewarded so you can find out with what reward you can replace it.

Remove reward or Impose punishment

now is the right time to stop being rewarded by your bad habit. It require strong will power and you determination to live a better life. You can start by applying some rules to your life regarding the particular bad habit you’re trying to get rid of. Impose a punishment on yourself if you repeat that habit, and give yourself a reward if you refrain yourself from the bad habit. Note this that the reward should be in accordance with the habit you’re trying to cut off.

Motivate yourself with small rewards

Rewards have strong psychological effects on our minds, keep the big rewards for real hard work but and reward yourself early for staying far from the bad habit. There is no strict need to restrict you to huge and infrequent returns. Consider one example, if you want to break the habit of not exercising, and you workout 30 days straight, you deserve a big reward but reward yourself after few workouts as well.

Write it

for better evaluation make a journal and start writing any changes you observe in yourself and every detail about the process you’re following. Make plans and write to do things. Mark the achieved goals. This helps to concentrate on the aim and don’t let you stray.

Let others know about your aims

when we let others know about our aims we get more motivated and pushed for the target. It has psychological effect on the mind, we fear to find ourselves ashamed in front of people who know what we are up to. When you’re telling others about your goals choose people who are supportive and won’t make fun of your intentions.

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