Ways and Ideas of Dealing With a Person Who Feels that he/she is Always Right

we often meet people who believe they are always right or they don’t want to believe that they can’t be wrong about anything they say, do or know. It is an aspect of human nature, and understandable but trying to have a conversation with such people can be hard sometimes as they self supposedly “always right”.


These tips might help in dealing with such pals.

Keep cool head

It might not be easy in a situation where you’re arguing with someone narcissist and self obsessed but you got to stay calm headed, because getting angry over it won’t be of any help to either of you. Or you can say things you shouldn’t when you’re angry.

Be reasonable

Always stay reasonable, consider the thing you are arguing about, think if there is even need to argue on the topic? Do you know much about the topic of argument? If not, what is point of arguing? Being reasonable in an argument is really necessary.

Say what you actually know

never argue to such person unless the subject matter is one about which you have sufficient and solid information. If you something which prove to be wrong or vague, you will left with no chance to win against that person in the future as well and all the right things you have said will fade away. So it’s never of any benefit to stray in the blind alley.

Keep your relationship in mind

while debating over something you must keep in mind the relationship with the opposing person. Different relationships require different behaviors and should be handled in appropriate ways. Don’t ruin your relationships over arguments.

If you’re having a conversation with friend or family, it’s easy to make them understand that they need to stop this “I am always right” attitude. Be honest to them and convince them gently.
If that person is your co-worker or peer, it’s quite critical sometimes to deal with, stay respectful and explain your argument with reasoning and appreciate their argument as well.

No need to waste time

You should know that some people are actually always right. That mean you don’t need to cross swords with such people, these kinds of people are quite self centered and narcissist nature, so no use proving them to utter words what have no sense actually. AND this is not accepting someone’s stubbornness but consider your own time and mental health more important.

Watch your words

Same like resorting to anger is useless; resorting to frivolous and shallow language will not help in these situations when your opponent is egocentric. Instead use productive language i.e., “ I understand what you mean but..” you can then give your opinion.

Listening is important

In many cases we listen less and assume more this is way arguments turn into fights, you definitely should listen what other person is saying may be have a strong and accurate argument but are unable to convey it. And if they don’t have you would be able to understand it and you can then make your reasoning.

Stay respectful

Never forget that you are what you say, being disrespectful and showing them you don’t have to listen to them and they are wrong is not a good idea. No matter what how hard it is be respectful and let them know what your point is with boundless respect.

Change the topic

When the argument is going nowhere that is the time you need to change the topic of conversation by landing the conversation on to more neutral land. Talk about something both of you won’t have to disagree about. Talk about mutual interest or a general issue that doesn’t relate to you.

Know when you need to leave

the situation when people can get hurt or become offended, you better leave the room or that place rather than trying to win the talk without considering what the consequences will be. And to be honest there is difference between friendly talk and a serious argument.

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