Ways and Ideas to Mindfully Deal With Someone You Don’t Like


We live surrounded by all kind of people, the people who are admirable, the people we like, and people we don’t like. Out of 100 people we see only few are known and out of them very few are friends others are people we don’t like or people who don’t like us.


You might have tried your best to not dislike someone but it’s inevitable sometimes. In that case you need to find a way to deal with people you don’t like, if you have to get along with such people.

Don’t expect much

Having expectations from people you don’t like can turn worse, as when they don’t fulfill those expectations you are just going to dislike more strongly, that is the reason you should lower your expectations from such people. It will not help in liking them but will surely be productive in not hating them.

Think Positively

When you don’t like someone you get annoyed by WHATEVER they say or do regardless of the nature of act or words, it’s because you don’t try to see the positive aspects and qualities of the other person. Here it is important to control your own feelings toward them and to look for some positive things about them. Your reason to dislike them can be personal or may be NO REASON. It’s possible that they actually have some really appreciate-able qualities.


Draw a boundary line

It is crucial to keep a safe and necessary distance from people you can’t bear or really don’t like, it’s the only way you can keep your feelings hidden and not cause any trouble to both you and other person. Staying in your boundaries helps to maintain the peace and avoiding bad blood.


Talk only about mutual interests/change the topic

When you are having a conversation with someone who isn’t compatible with you, try talking about things that you both possibly agree on and there won’t be conflicts. Talk about things that are less disputing. If the other person has brought up a topic that disturbs you or annoys you, you can switch the topic; it will help you continue conversation.


Stay calm and civilized

A nice person knows how to be civilized with everyone regardless of their feelings for them. This is a quality no should lack, because not liking someone doesn’t give you freedom to act as you want to and behave like an animal with them, you can never let go of social norms and courtesy. Show respect and don’t patronize. Keep your temper normal whatever the situation is.


Go with the gut feelings

This is worth considering, pause for a minute and think what is going on and why? If you dislike someone because that person’s personality is not according to your taste but still socially acceptable, then your feelings are your problem. Now this mean you dislike them because you have a feeling an instinct that they are not good for you, it might be possible, so in order to not get hurt you must avoid such people.


Try to change your feelings toward people you dislike

Rather than having bad feelings, grudges, and bad blood, its better that you try to change your feelings toward them. It’s your feeling not theirs so it’s you who can change them.

Walk away

This is the time when situation is not in your control, you are losing your temper and you fear saying or doing a cruel thing because you are provoked. End the conversation and walk away before it’s too late. If these kinds of events happen frequently it’s better to let them know that how you feel about them.



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