Ways and Tricks of Dealing with Regret

Get over your regrets


Regret is a feeling for something we have done and you wish you wouldn’t have done that, It is the feeling that drains your mind heart sinks whenever you think about that particular event, make you anxious though nothing can be happened now, you can’t change what has been done, yet this feeling make you worry and you just keep thinking if you could go in the past and get a chance to fix it, that’s never going to happen.

The moment you feel, Oh I shouldn’t have do this, the regret replaces relief. So, this is crucial that you let go what has been done as can’t be undo. The most important thing is the PRESENT, the time you are living in. Consider few things to overcome the feelings of regret.

Why you didn’t make it happen?

we usually regret over the things we could have done but didn’t, realize that there must have been some reasons you didn’t make that happen; thinking about those reasons can help you lessen the feeling of regret, there may be some solid reasons, if not this is still your past, bury it there and live in your present. Don’t you think life is too short to be regretful?

Be honest, accept it

being honest to others is important but being honest to yourself is far more important than that, you can be relieved only when you know what you have done, and accept that you were at fault at that time. Knowing your faults can build you in the future, a person who doesn’t know what his mistakes are can never mend it.

Don’t just regret, Confess

we all know that there is no use of regret but still regret. It’s because we think about it a lot but never confess it in front of people we have done bad with, or ourselves. Confessing it and saying some apologetic word can help you to get over the feeling that is consuming you day by day.

Know yourself, forgive yourself


You should be aware of what you were back then, when made the mistake, think in a way that your past self wasn’t able enough to do ‘That Particular thing’ you regret about, you were not able to do any better than that you have done.
You regret when you are not able to forgive yourself for what you have done, regret hold you back in the past but forgiving yourself make you move forward.

Learn from it

when you make a mistake there nothing you can do about else learning. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.

Everything happens for a REASON

Know that everything happens for a reason and what happened was meant to happen that way.

Get some Inspiration

See people around you; are they all perfect and doing absolutely great in their lives? That quite not a possible thing, no one is perfect and no is out there who doesn’t have problems at all but not everyone is crying over spilt milk. Be a little more sensible and get inspiration from people who are not perfect yet happy.

Don't Look Back written on the road

Stay busy, Adopt new habits.

Keep yourself busy in learning new things and doing them, it makes your mind busy and with the time you forget about your regrets.

CBT (Cognitive behavior therapy)

atherapy made to treat the patients of depression it is helpful in dealing with current problems and to change unaccommodating and useless thinking of regret. With the help of CBT you can get rid of your regrets.




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