Ways and Ideas to Break a Bad Habits

A bad habit might be hard to break if it is persisting for long time, but it is POSSIBLE. All of us without exemption have some or any one bad habit, some of us want to break it, some just get it slid (which isn’t a good thing to do). The best people are those have a wish to change their bad habit and they TRY as well. And the worst thing is not ADMITTING, if you don’t admit it, there is no hope of good. Well breaking a habit may require you to put some effort but isn’t that worth it?


I came with the best ways you can break your bad habit with just the little effort.


You know you have a bad habit and that it is unhealthy or immoral or simply just not good thing to do. You keep on doing that habit without realizing the aftermaths; you do this because that habit gives you some sort of reward of psychological satisfaction. For example smoker smoke because it give them relief from depression. The reward is temporary but the consequences of a bad habit are usually lasting and affect your body and image. If you train your mind to think about the bad affects of the habit you have, it will become easy to let go of the particular thing. And you will ultimately cut off your bad habit.


If you want to get rid of your bad habit and you decide to try not doing that again, that’s not enough. You have to make a plan for it. Habits are like a loop that keep on repeating itself, the make you do it, you do it and get rewarded and then it happen again.

So, first thing to capture should be the TRIGGER.

And Second things is the urge to do it (habit).

For each person and for each habit the triggers are different so watch for yours and make plan about how you can switch it off. Then make the plan of Prevention or how to avoid it. There are two Strategies for avoiding a bad habit.

1st: Find the Alternative

2nd:  Reward for avoiding

The reward or satisfaction that your bad habit gives you, you can get that reward from doing something else which is absolutely not unhealthy or immoral. For Example: you can get rid of depression and stress by exercising or yoga rather than smoking. There are habits that doesn’t reward i.e., biting nails for such habits the other strategy work well. Whenever you find yourself doing it STOP yourself and think of a perfect reward you can offer you. The reward should be attractive enough to stop you.


Reminding yourself about the consequences and pushing yourself by offering reward is one thing, but KEEPING yourself motivated and determined is another. People easily fall again and again when they are trapped in a stronger habit and the triggers are also stronger and that makes it more crucial to have a STRONG DETERMINATION and will power to change the habit.


Make your bad habit a costly one. Make an agreement with your friends and family that if they catch you doing it again you will pay a dollar each time. The money is precious and can be very attractive to anyone, so this works! Moreover there is one more advantage of this method. When you tell your close friends and family about your aims you get motivated and more determined, the reason can be the ‘embarrassment’ you can show in case you fail or the ‘support’ they show for you.

Reminder: You can do ANYTHING you TRULY want to so be true to yourself.



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