Ways and Ideas of Feeling Happy all Time

“Happiness is not out there, it’s in you.”


Being happy makes you see the good in everything. You should chose to be happy as it makes your life worth living. Read on to learn simplest ways to feel happy all the time.

Stay Away from negativity

You always have a choice to take things your way. If you consciously choose the attitude of gratefulness, it would change your way of life. Look at what’s good and be grateful, rather than looking upon what you are or have been deprived for.

Negative thoughts bring you down; replace such thoughts with positive ones. Avoid people loaded with negativity.

Don’t Carry Resentment

We don’t really know the causes behind anyone’s hurting behavior, unless we walk in the shoes of others. It is really amazing to let go of resentment.

Don’t Try to Control Every Thing

This is one of the most important tips. You shouldn’t try to control everything because it is not possible to control all the things. All you can control is our own self. Accept it that you can find happiness only right where you are.

Don’t Stay Guilty

Anyone can make a mistake. If you find yourself at fault or have made some mistake, try to forgive yourself. Don’t stay guilty as it would never let you live happily.

Do What You Like to Do

Make time to do the activities you like the most such as listening music, watching movies, going for a walk, socializing, swimming etc. You will find yourself filled with joy when you will be doing your favorite activity.

Be Yourself:

“Your time is limited; don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Be yourself and accept ho you are. Never waste yourself for people and don’t live your life according to their choice as you can never please everyone in the world.

Go Outside and Enjoy the Nature

It is always very delightful and refreshing to spend time in nature. The world has become so artificial. Therefore, taking a long walk by staying closer to nature can affect your mood positively. You can go to a park to inhale some fresh air and allow the beauty of nature.

Forget and Forgive

Let go of pride because it won’t let you be apologized as well less you can’t forgive. It will harm you to hold grudge and hatred. Think! How would you feel if you forgive? How would you feel after making apology for something wrong you have done? It will obviously bring comfort and peace of mind to you.

Help Others

This is sometimes very normal to feel empty inside despite having achieved everything you wished for. It happens when you don’t make contribution to someone else’s life. Helping others would bring satisfaction and happiness to you.

Spend Time with Close ones

There is no better choice to spend quality time with your loved ones to seek happiness. It would make you feel happy even of you are an introvert. Don’t make yourself lone as life is too short to live it in loneliness.

Eat your favorite healthy food

Eating right make you feel better physically as well as mentally. It brings delight to your mood. Besides, it would keep you healthy.

Don’t make Comparison, Be Thankful

We often get to see other’s lives and what they have better than that you have. Comparisons make you unhappy. Change yourself. Replace comparison with thankfulness.


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