Ways to Overcome with Social Anxiety Disorder


Social anxiety disorder is also known as social phobia. In the world of mental health care social phobia has been given the 3rd number. It has been shown by a study that around 7% of the world’s population is affected by this disorder at any given time.

Social anxiety is a disorder which is characterized by the fear of dealing and interacting with other people. The persons with social anxi0ety disorder generally possess the feelings of assessment, judgment, criticism and apprehension. They also feel like they are being judged by the people negatively. This situation leads them to depression and they become anxious about the situations where they have to be socialized.  Rather they like to stay alone and avoid people and social gatherings.

Millions of the people around the globe are suffering from this disorder and it is affecting their everyday lives.


Symptoms of social anxiety disorder can be seen in certain situations which include:

  • Being afraid of confronting social gatherings especially when strangers are participating
  • Being center of attention
  • Being criticized or teased
  • Going around the room in a circle and having to say something
  • Bring watched while they are doing something
  • Meeting people who are in authority
  • Making too little conversations at gatherings
  • There may be some other causes too which are related to social anxiety.

Tips to overcome with social anxiety disorder

Here we are publishing a few tips you can follow in order to cope with your social anxiety disorder:

Try to help yourself by following some self-help manual

There are ways which are used to treat the persons with social anxiety disorder such as trainings; therapies etc. there have been prepared self-help manuals too which are designed in such as way as to provide the individual with useful tools and therapies which may help them in working on themselves.

Have sessions with some specialist

If you find that your social phobia is interfering with your daily life and stopping you from doing the things you want to or have to do then you must go for a therapist who is specialized authority in treating anxiety disorders.

Make it your habit to breath deep

At times, when you feel that you are to go with some social situation that may provoke your anxiety, you should get yourself engaged in breathing deeply. You should practice this technique on daily basis. This way it becomes the part of your routine and won’t need to pay special concentration on practicing deep breathing.

List down anxiety-provoking situations

This tip may help you a lot in coping with your problem of social anxiety. Make a list of situations where you may become socially anxious. Write them down in an order of severity. Now try performing easiest behaviors and keep moving up the list.

Go for creating your objective goals

People with social anxiety disorder are more likely to have negative feelings and they may stop performing well as a result of the fear of being evaluated wrongly, otherwise they might do well. Therapists encourage their patients to make their objective goals so that they may they have some target to work on. Its gives them a good scale to measure their progress which eventually encourages them and urge to work in better manner.

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