Ways to Show Your Love for your Parents

I won’t be exaggerating if I say most of us, the children take their parents for granted, and it’s because we don’t know what it feels like to not have parents. The care and love we receive from parents in unconditional, they never demand back, but let’s think for a while when we were young and wanted attention and devotion, didn’t they show their compassion and spent all of their energy in our services? It’s time to pay back, showing your love is acknowledgment for their dedication.

Here are some simple ways you can show your love towards your parents.

Don’t do things that your parents don’t like

As grown up kid you may feel like you know what is good and what is not, but you are never older and experienced than your parents, anything your parents don’t want you to do must be unacceptable. You might not understand it today but few years later you are going to regret it. To show your love for them you must not practice anything they don’t like, but it’s not about sacrificing your dream, you can always tell them politely what your ambitions are.

Ask for advices

Asking them for little advices make them happy, they see it as their child value them and consider them important enough to seek advices and opinions. It’s not only about them; you also get the benefit of their wisdom and experiences of their life.

Thanks giving

Your parents will always watch for you even though you are not a kid anymore, this is becomes their habit and nature as the time passes, don’t get annoyed over it and appreciate their concern for you, pay your gratitude for their efforts they made for your better. Appreciate all the things they do for you, food your mother cooked, the money you needed and they provide, the time when you were sick and they looked after you, thank them for each and everything time to time.


Spend time with them

You may have a lot of friends to spend time with doing new things as your age demand it, but think about the parents as well, they just have you and seek attention as you did in your childhood. Try to make free time for them; don’t let them be alone for long time. Your time means a lot to them.


Give them surprises

Little surprises can give them immense happiness. You can pay surprise visit if you live a part, you can cook a meal for them, take them out for a picnic or dinner, make them thanks giving card for ‘For no particular reason’, make drawing of them, buy them a membership for activity they like etc.


Share your secrets

You gain their trust when you share your secrets about your life, it make them feel special and contented to realize that you trust them.


Listen to them

Listening attentively what they are saying is showing your respect and loves for them; don’t make them say something twice.

Never let them feel they didn’t fulfill all of your wishes

It is heartbreaking for your parents to realize that they failed to provide you with what you desired, never let them feel something like this, always be thankful and happy for whatever they have done for you throughout their lives.

Show your respect and gratitude

Show your respect and gratitude for their love and dedication if not with words with your attitude.

Stay calm

It’s possible that you may not always agree with their argument, there can be disagreements and contrasting opinions, but getting angry and shouting at them in useless and extremely disappointing. Always keep calm and let them know what your point is in a low voice and low temper.


Say you are sorry and mean it, when you do something improper or ill-mannered.



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