Why Does Forced Marriage Happen and Their Consequences:

To safe wealth and family reputation many of the underdeveloped countries are facing forced marriage. It’s actually a South Asia and West and Central Africa and also an ethical problem. As now a day Bangladesh is at the top of the list where they are facing forceful child marriage. They didn’t look for their child future they just go for their own choices.

In Uk it is it is consider as a abuse to a human rights. Forced marriages are held by emotional dramas held by the family members. Some of them go on by beating, by physical torture and by having emotional black male concepts.



How do force marriages take place?

Having an extreme pressure by family members it’s very common as by saying that if you don’t go for this marriage then you will be responsible for the shame of their own family.

Sometimes children and young ones got to take out of the countries to be married against their will.

Sometimes parents didn’t provide them with their return ticket and passports and they have no access to money and one is there to talk about their situation.


Child bride:

“Every 2 seconds a girl becomes a child bride”

Actually It’s a violation of children human rights. And yes prohibited by International law.

It takes place when there are:

Poor life protects

Low level of education(illiteracy)



Why does it happen:

Younger girls considered to be more obedient

Laws of protecting girls are not enforced

To protect girls from sexual violence.



“Forcing marriage on anyone who lacks mental capacity is a ‘gross interference’ with their dignity and autonomy, it meant by having sex and possibly becoming pregnant without able to being consent”


Forced and child marriages have extreme level of medical and legal consequences. Victims tend to be isolated from their friends and others.

Psychological problems do occurs, if a couple is not ready to get married and got to be forced for some reasons, then they are not capable to control their psychological prospects. As they got to face depression attacks and etc. some do tries to make suicide attempts with different ways

Physical problems do occur alike maternal problem if there is a child marriage. And also do effect by age problems. For example having marriage with a old man

Sexual problems takes place because we know well that if a girl has a marriage with an old man then she’ll face sexuality harassments by her husband.

Because of Financial problems most of the people makes a marriage of their child because to lessen down the burden of dowry.


It will be emotional as such kind a marriage will be held unhappily. With results in emotional aspects.


Many of the times health consequences also makes its part.


Graphically a family structure is described which results in physical, emotional and sexual abuse.



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