* Women Face Acid Attack that Can Destroy their Lives

we live in a society that is dominated by men, World education progress has left no good affect on mind set of men. Women are being oppressed in many ways, everyday they face situations that are so unbearable like acid attack.

According to the Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) the reasons for such brutal attacks are mainly;

* Dowry

* Family related disputes

* Martial disputes

* Rejection of love

* Rejection of Marriage

* Rejection of sex

these kind of incidents are mostly taking place in Backward Asian Countries like Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Afghanistan and Pakistan but stats has also shown that the numbers of such attacks has become double in a Developed country like UK in past few years.


This graph show that more than 2000 cases of Acid attacks have been filed and only 325 were convicted out of those, 14 were given death sentence and 117 were sentenced life imprisonment, worldwide.

Note: These stats have been taken from NGO’s, News papers and Acid case monitoring cell and doesn’t claim 100% accuracy.

Stats show that out of 75 acid attacks victims 50 were female and were attacked on the basis of gender issues.

Woman that face Acid attack is consider as someone that can’t survive in society, she become pitiable. She is isolated and hides herself in place where she can’t be seen.
Deadly Acid attacks take the life of victims or make them miserable enough to live a life of a dead person.

Carsten Stormer who is a German Journalist says:

“Acid attacks deprive people of more than their looks and sight. Families are torn apart. Husbands leave their wives. Children are separated from their parents. Jobs vanish overnight, turning professionals into beggars. Many victims cannot get through a day without constant assistance, becoming burdens on their families. All bear the mark of the pariah.”

“What remains is a traumatized society in which domestic disputes, unhappy love affairs, and professional rivalries are nearly always resolved through violence. Hardly a family without its members lost to the ideological battles of the Khmer Rouge – a curse that is passed on from parents to children. Battery acid is known to be most uncomplicated way of causing lifelong suffering. A dollar will buy you a quart of acid on any street corner. The perpetrators are seldom punished. Their targets become outcasts.”

Ameneh Bahrami is an Iranian woman, she was attacked by Majid Movahedi last year, she lost her sight in attack she demands same penalty for Majid.

Kate Elizabeth Piper is another victim of acid attack arranged by her ex boy friend, she is a TV presenter and former Model, she dreamed to be full time media person


Zakia is a 39 year old Pakistani women, she was attacked by her husband on the face. The left side of her face melted away with acid and now she is living her life in a shell, she is afraid of leaving her home without Veil and glasses and she feels difficulty in eating drinking and even smiling.


Acid attacks are not merely attack on women but it attacks the so called law and morality of being human. Women are the backbone of a society without them there will be no home or society.

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