4 Useful Ways to Use Salt for Ultimate Beauty

Sea salt

Well it’s normal to consider the importance of taste of salt in food but you rarely heard of using salt for beauty, what beauty? There is no advertisement about the significant role of salt played for beauty as well as we have not heard more of its benefits but it is so. And to signify the salt presence we are going to tell here the 4 main ways to use salt to overgrow your beauty.
There are many ways salt is playing its role in maintaining our life routine in which food contains more consideration. But to treat the sore throat instantly you will definitely do once the gurgling of salt mixed water and when I experiment this remedy to cure my throat, I really wondered, after repeating this 2-3 times my throat was fully worked. Containing the best quantity of sodium and some other minerals that our body is needed for, it works to maintain the level of some minerals in our body but for beauty hacks this is surely an invention. You can use salt for beauty in different ways;
•    Exfoliating
•    Bathing
•    Scrubbing
•    Whitening
•    Refreshing
•    Smoothing
Besides these, there are also many benefits of using salt as athletes use this to make their tiring feet relaxed by mixing the salt in lukewarm water and dipping the feet. Make yourself ready to enter the magic of salt in your beauty world and see the power of salt that how beautifully it helps to cure your beauty problems. Well we will take a start from the very first use of salt for skin.

Salt+honey mask for oily skin:

1. 4 Ways To Use Salt For Beauty

Salt is a good preserver and for oily skin it can do great thing, salt absorb the extra oil from skin and give an ultimate freshness to skin. Mainly the young guys and gals have this problem and due to the extraction of oil there appears acne which can cause the skin inflammation. So use salt to overpower this problem, you need;
•    1 tbs salt
•    3-4 tbs raw honey
Mix these two rightly and apply this mask to face, let it be for 10-15 minutes and rinse it with cold water. This mask will instantly refresh the oily skin.

Salt for teeth whitening:

2- 4 Ways To Use Salt For Beauty 2+ 4 Ways To Use Salt For Beauty

Your smile is more powerful when you have teeth shining like white pearls but it is seen that most of us have pale teeth that do not keep the right impressions at all. So make the smile worthy by getting them white with use of salt as this has anti inflammatory properties. You need;
•    Water
•    Salt
•    Baking powder
Mix some salt in baking soda and pour some water to make thick paste of both, take your tooth brush and have some paste of salt and baking powder upon it. Brush your teeth well for 5-7 minutes and wash off mouth. You will see the magic.

Scrubbing and bathing with salt:

3+ 4 Ways To Use Salt For Beauty

Woman sprinkling salt crystals into bath water

Consider the power of rejuvenating the skin with the help of salt, many people use it for their bathing as it instantly relax the entire body with its powerful effects. You just need to pour a cup of slat to bath tub and take beth completely body dipped in that water. This is the more relaxing way of making the muscles and joints strong. On the other hand scrubbing with salt can also be fruitful to let dead skin off and welcome the new skin that is smooth and fresh. Mix salt and any kind of oil and scrub your body.

Lemon and salt:

4+ 4 Ways To Use Salt For Beauty 4++ 4 Ways To Use Salt For Beauty

Lemon and salt both can be a beauty hack for dead skin. You can use these in two ways, the first way is mixing the lemon juice with salt and directly apply this to your skin that is very helpful in getting rid of the dark spots and also effective for acne prone skin.
Sprinkle some salt to slice of lemon and exfoliate this on to dark skin or the parts of body like elbow, knee and any other.

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