5 Ways to Avoid Feeling Lonely

In a recent survey, one in every 4 people said they have no one to share their personal feelings and problems, and when family members removed from the confidants, that number of alone people became double.

Fact: Between 25%-50% population of USA feels alone.

It shows that loneliness has gone viral now a day. Scientists refer loneliness as a public health concern. The more it gets worse the more is the need to cure it; it’s not like particular kind of people feel lonely, we all feel it time to time, but sometimes it get to peak because of particular reasons, i.e., a breakup, shift of residence etc and make us worry about a lot of things. Causes of loneliness may vary from person to person but combating it may have same ways.


1. Stay Busy

When you recognize that you’re alone and have no one to spend your time with and to talk about your inner emotions rather than sitting in a corner and crying to yourself, make yourself involve in activities that consume your time and make you think about different things, in this way it will become easy for you to use your spare time in better way and there will be less lonely feelings to creep you.


There are a lot of things that you can do for keeping yourself busy, i.e., you can join a club, you can do gardening, you can write a journal, watch TV series, reading fiction or literature, you can even do a part time job, making some interesting projects at home, you can start new things like sketching and painting etc. there is unlimited number of healthy activities that can be done but do things that make you feel happiness.

2. don’t be isolated

Emily White says, “I felt a persistent sense of insufficiency of not having enough people close to me, and that in turn led to a feeling of anxious aloneness.”
The loneliness gradually starts to make physical effect and may affect sleep. To avoid such symptoms you must not be isolated. Try to reach out people, whether they are your friends, family or a consultant. Your loved ones may not even know what you’re going through. Plan a gathering with your friends. Or go visit your parents or siblings if you’re living by yourself. Seeing them will instantly make a better effect on your mind, you will feel refreshed after sharing your feelings with them. If it’s not possible for you to meet anyone because some solid reasons, go get a cute little pet preferably a dog. Pets give us companionship and make us engage with them that can cure loneliness.


3. Stay kind and positive

It is well said, “Kindness goes a long way.” First of everything, be kind to yourself and learn to love yourself.

As Musicar says, “The first relationship you need to work on is your relationship with yourself,” remove all the negative thoughts you have for yourself and stay positive about everything you think and do.


This is also important how you think for others when you’re having a lonely phase of your life, focusing more on others and shifting attention from yourself to others can really be helpful. Looking around for people who need your help and attention will extend your focus to them it will make your lonely feelings fade away.

Robert Ingersoll says: “we rise when lifting others.”
Volunteering at a near hospital, convenient store, food stall, orphanage, old age home or helping a needy will surely make you feel better. Everyone in the World is fighting his own battle, helping someone with theirs can help you fighting your own


4. Understand yourself

knowing yourself is crucial when you are feeling lonely, at this time you need to be more positive and considerate towards yourself. Try to express yourself by speaking to yourself in a room or write a journal, figure out your reasons of being alone. There are different type people with different reasons of being alone. Introverted people may want to have a small social circle while extraverted people want to have more people in their squad. Find out what you want and try to get it but give it some time.


5. Try get out of this feeling

understand that loneliness is just a painful feeling and you can get over it, it may be the matter of time and some positive thinking regarding this problem. This proverb is said for time like these, “this, too, shall pass. Make it clear to yourself that this feeling has nothing to do with you as a human being; you are not alone because you are evil. All you need to do is help yourself to get out of this feeling.


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