Advantages of Vegetable Hair Dyes

When for the first time I came to know “vegetable hair dye” I was quite amuse and curious that why would anyone bother finding the ingredients and making hair dyes in 21st century, I mean why? When there is several kind of highly effective hair dyes are available in markets. But it wasn’t hard to understand why Vegetable hair dyes are preferable against the “Highly Affective” hair dyes, only after a precise research.


Short Historical review and types of vegetable hair dyes:

The vegetable hair dyes has been using by human beings since thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used to extract color from the flowers and plants before the chemicals existed. They used minerals, plants and insects to dye their hair.

There are a number of natural hair dyes some of them are retrieved from fruits, flowers, leaves, minerals, stems and even roots and barks are used for the purpose. The leaf dyes are common and being widely used, however the flower are fruit hair dyes are special because of the unique and surprisingly stunning colors.

The minerals from the mineral dye are extracted from oxidized iron and natural mineral salts, which are normally available in South Asia only. See the following advantages of VHD that will confirm the argument that “Vegetable hair dyes are better than the commercial hair dyes.”


The P-Phenylenediamine (PPD) is one of the essential part of commercial hair dyes, it is proved to have adverse affect on hair and skin. Make the hair brittle and broken, repeated use of PPD makes the hair lifeless and dull, well the good news is Vegetable hair dyes don’t contain PPD making it harmless and secure to use.

No Ammonia

“Ammonia is one of the greatest offenders in the hair dyes.” It is notorious for its adverse affects on the hair and skin, the excessive interaction of ammonia with skin can cause allergies and reactions. The commercial hair dyes contain a big amount of ammonia and other chemicals while the Vegetable hair dyes doesn’t contain even 0.1% of ammonia that gives it move weight and worth of being used.

No danger of Asthma

p-Phenylenediamine future exposure can cause asthma attacks with shortness of breath, wheezing, cough, or chest tightness. the allergy has been affecting upper respiratory of millions of people, from studies it is discovered that, “the use of commercial hair dyes increase the risk of Asthma because of harmful ingredients like PDD, Persulfates and ammonia.” therefore using chemical free hair dye like VHD prevents you from Asthma.

No danger of cancer

P-Phenylenediamine (PPD) Present in the hair dye products can start the breast cancer. The studies depicts that, “Women who worked for 5 years or more in beauty salons or were engaged with hair dying exhibited more occurrence of breast cancer than the women who stayed away from hair dying.” while the vegetable hair dyes doesn’t contain even a small amount of PPD that makes it safe to use.

No Allergic reactions

“P-Phenylenediamine may cause a skin allergy. If allergy develops, very low future exposure can cause itching and a skin rash.” The presence of PPD ammonia and other chemicals can cause skin allergies, itching and rashes. A lot of casualties have been reported due to such allergies.

Healthier hair

The natural hair dyes ensure the healthier and shinier hair because of their God given nourishing and softening qualities.

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