Benefits of Washing your Face with Milk and Honey


Honey has been using for skin for ages. It is antibacterial in nature which makes its use useful for acne treatment and prevention. Moreover, it is great for aging as it slows down its effects and keeps your skin look younger.

Milk is another substance which is one of the healthiest food contents as well as it is very favorable for skin. It helps in lightening your skin and making your complexion look fairer.

Honey and Milk for your skin:


There are so many benefits of milk and honey. They both contain ingredients that help in enhancing your complexion and make your skin glowing. They can b drank as well and it helps in proper functioning of your body. Here are a few uses and benefits of milk and honey to your skin:

Make your skin glowing

Milk and honey contain antioxidants which help in inhibiting the oxidation of other molecules. Mask of milk and honey is very useful for your skin as it makes your skin glowing after washing it away. It also refreshes your skin when you apply the mask on your face after a tiring day and helps in removing tan from your face.

Reduce the effects of aging:

Milk and honey together also help in reducing the signs of aging. It is one of its vital uses. It is known as a miracle to turn back the clock for delaying the effects of aging. the It may sound unbelievable but you must give it a try. It reduces those fine lines on your skin which have started appearing on your skin due to aging. It helps in curbing those lines and wrinkles on your face. Take both of these in equal proportion, apply in your skin and wash after 20 minutes.

Help in preventing acne:

Another benefit of milk and honey to the skin is, they help in treatment of acne as well as in prevention of this most common skin problem. This combination is your savior. It can work wonder to your skin. For getting rid of acne, apply the mask of milk and honey in your skin regularly before going to bed. Wash it before sleeping.

Raw honey has been considered very useful for acne treatment since ancient times. Try it now and get acne free skin.

Exfoliates skin:

Dermatologists suggest milk as a very useful ingredient for your skin. Milk contains AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and it is used in expensive beauty products and helps in keeping your skin younger.

It exfoliates your skin. You can prepare an exfoliating mask at home with the help of milk, honey, oatmeal and walnut powder. Mix half tablespoon of walnut powder, half tablespoon of honey, 2 tablespoon of oatmeal and 2 tablespoon of raw milk. Mix all the properly to make a thick paste and apply on skin. Leave for 110 minutes then wash with fresh water.

Treatment for chapped lips:

It is one of the vital benefits of honey and milk to cure your chapped lips. People usually suffer from chapped lips in winter. Mix honey and milk and apply it on your lips. Using on regular bases would help you in curing your lips very soon.

Removes scars:

Milk and honey when used in a combination remove the scars on skin in very short period of time. They even remove the scars of chickenpox. Apply the mixture daily on your skin for 20 minutes to get desired results.

Used as Cleanser:

Both the ingredients contain antimicrobial and cleansing properties. When they are used in a combination, their properties are enhanced. Most of the cleansers are prepared by using these two as they give a glowing and healthy effect to your skin. They can also be used as body cleanser by adding them into the water. You can take both of these in equal quantity and mix into the water and take bath with the water.

Brightens your skin:

Applying honey on your skin lightens the tone of your skin and brightens it. Apply it for approximately 115 minutes and wash off with cold water.

Moisturizes your skin:

Milk and honey moisturize your skin naturally and don’t let your skin get dry.



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