Best Possible Routine and Ways to Keep The Heels Soft


Are not the cracked heel feet your real tension? Yes, it happens when you style fashion pair footwear but seemingly, not the fine impressions make your style stand out due to cracked heels. This occurs when;

•    Your diet is not right
•     Deficiencies and dehydration
•     Aging effects
•     Improper way to treat feet
•    Grime and dirt restoration upon feet most of the time
•    Itching and dryness
•    Lack of moisture
•    Some diseases also infect the heels brutally like diabetes

These were some main problems that causes cracking of soft heels but the issue can be clarified with having a proper care treatment of feet on daily basis. In fact you have to make a routine of caring, moisturizing and hydrating. Ask some questions to yourself and then cure the cracked heels quickly;

If I am having improper diet especially the junk food?

Am I lazy in caring my feet daily?

If the problem of cracking heels is severe or your feet are going to turn nearly the bad heels effects?

After having the answers now it’s high time to work for treating the heels to turn soft like babies. First, the main cause of bad heels is the dehydration, it is because our feet and hands skin always gets dry and need to moisturize daily. So, one must make a routine of hydrating himself with enough quantity of water that enhance the circulation of blood. Exercising also helps in boosting the level of energy but cleanliness is your next action to keep heels light and soft.

Pedicure retains the smoothness level of heels:


Pediicure really works in cleaning out all the dirt and also a refreshing way of skin. But this is also a fact that having the services of any saloon means to give an amount that also disturbs your budget. So, why don’t you try a homemade Pedicure, just have lukewarm water in tub and sprinkle the lemon juice in it. Add some moisturizing serum and dip the feet for about 10-15 minutes. Rub and clean the feet, don’t forget to maintain cuticles. Dry and have moisture cream to keep it gentle.

Olive oil massage:

Especially during winter, we become victims of dryness and as a result the cracking heels. To prevent from such problem, massage your heels with olive oil that nurtures the skin so amazingly and a true way to feed skin with moisture. It helps on night time and the massage does not only helpful in retaining gentle heels but also give you sound sleep at night. Cover your heels with socks if you want to see fruitful quick results.

Scrubbing can make heels better:

Scrubbing also works when you have not equal tone of feet, you can access to the scrub creams available in markets but for quick results the homemade scrub is best. Salt mixed in honey or almond oil has fantastic nurtured heels outcomes. You can save these scrubs in any jar and apply to feet at night.

Baking soda, a good remedy for soft heels:

3-4 tabs baking soda

2-3 liter water

Mix the ingredients in any tub and dip your feet for some time that helps in gaining the gentleness of heels. Baking soda affects in fast way. If your heels are badly affected with cracking then use this method daily. When you retain the level of softness then try it once in a week.

Some more suggestions:


Lemon juice and glycerin mixture also helpful for heels
Use lotions and moisture creams daily to keep the feet hydrated
Exfoliate the feet
Don’t use hot water to soak the heels
Apply petroleum jelly daily
Remove dead skin while bathing

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