Best Ways to Keep Your Body Cool Even During Hot Day

Summer is fun, but do you know that your body needs extra care during hot, hot days of summer; extreme heat and over dose of direct sun’s rays can cause many problems for your body, i.e., dehydration, sun burns, heat cramps and stress.


Summer has just started and sun is getting hotter day by day, before it get to the hottest point let’s share some cooling ways to prevent side effects of summer.

Avoid the Sun

Stay at home at noon to avoid sun exposure. Try not to travel, walk or exercise in open areas. The day times of 11:00-4:00 are the hottest times during summer. When you are out at these times stay under the shades if possible of cover your head with any hat, Cap or headscarves.

Drink even when not thirsty

Your body requires more water than it required in the winter season. Don’t get exhausted and dehydrated. Drink plenty of water and fresh juices.

Eat summer food

Eat food that contains more minerals and fewer proteins. You can eat following food:


Black berries










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Wear all the light colors

Wear light colors because this color absorbs less heat and save you from warmth of sun.


Take cold showers and go to pools when feel hot.

Don’t fan yourself

Fanning yourself warm you up and ultimately your body feels warmer.

Keep out the warm air

Use exhaust fans or pedestal fans to make way out for the warm air in the house. Prepare your house for summer.

Paint the roofs

If you paint your roofs with light color paint preferably with White colors it minimizes the temperature to more than 5 degrees.

Shut down the sources of heat

Keep the stoves turned off when not using, turn off all the unnecessary electrical devices especially high voltage Bulbs and lights.

Watch your meals

Eating more makes our body work more, eat less, and eat smaller meals to control metabolic heat.

Change the bed covers and Pillow covers

Use light color and soft stuff bed and pillow covers for less warm bed time.

Stay Undergrounded

If you are living in a double story house, stay in the first story as its roof is not in direct contact with sun rays so it’s less hot than the upper story in this way you can beat the summer.

Sweat out yourself

Use some simple techniques to sweat out your body, by sweating out your body’s temperatures comes down and you feel less hot.

Wet your wrists and neck

Run cold water directly from the tap on to your wrist veins, you can make your back of neck wet by tying a wet bandana around your neck or with a cold wet towel.

Stay barefooted

Walk barefooted on the floor it releases most of the heat from your body. You can also lie down on the cool floor.

Eat Spicy food

The hottest countries offer most spicy food to its tourists and of course they eat spicy food too. It’s because of an advantage of spicy food as the makes body sweat and makes body’s temperature low.



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